Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 10th February 2021 Written Update: Anu impresses the investors

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 10th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Narayanan visiting Padma’s house. Padma and Srinivasan ask him what happened, if everything fine at home. Narayanan says he’s in some problem and asks to meek Krishna. He says he and Krishna are close friends, when they ask him why he wants to tell his problem to Krishna. Narayanan further says he will stay here for a day and goes to the guest room. Padma and Srinivasan find something fishy. Padma says they should handle him carefully. Srinivasan agrees.

Pankaj phones Surya. He tells Surya Chandra has come to office and he wants to talk him about something important. Chandra tells Surya about investors demand. Surya asks them to tell Anu can’t come. He asks to talk to Meera. He scolds Meera. He says there’s a limit for everything, there’s no need for agreeing for every demands of investors. He asks to tell them Anu won’t come to the meeting. Meera says this not the way to handle the investors. Anu asks Surya to mute the call. She says to Surya that she will attend the meeting and asks to schedule it. Surya asks if she’s sure. Anu assures him that she will attend the meeting. Surya tells the same to Pankaj. The meeting gets fixed for the next day at 10 A.M. Pankaj offers to drop Meera at her home. A tantric warns Meera saying she can’t win over Anu as God is with her. Meera and Pankaj look shocked.

Narayanan thinks of asking for 20 Lakhs to Krishna. He says Krishna might have come home and goes out. He finds Padma there. She stops him from going downstairs. She asks him to rest. Narayanan agrees. Later Narayanan peeps out. As no one is there, he comes downstairs. He sees Krishna. He tries to tell him his problem, but Krishna says he wants to talk about the news business he wants to start. Padma overhears them. She suspects Narayanan might’ve come to ask for money and worries that Krishna could disclose about his problem to Narayanan.

In either way, it will be an insult for Suryavamsam family, so she takes Narayanan to her room on the pretext of Surya have called him. Padma asks Narayanan what he wants. He says he needs 20 lakhs loan from Krishna. Padma says if he borrows money from her in-laws, it will be an insult from Suryavamsam family. She further says she knows he must’ve informed to anyone in their family. She threatens to inform Surya or Annammal about it if he asks money to her father-in-law.

Anu arranges for a zoom meeting with investors. Surya gets ready in coat suit for the meeting. Anu asks Pushba not to let anyone inside the room untill the meeting will end and asks her to handle the situation if anyone asks for Sundaram. Anu asks Pushba to stay at the doorstep and be attentive. She goes to her room to attend the meeting from there.

Meera reaches for the meeting late. She gets shocked knowing the meeting is happening online. Anu successfully completes the zoom meeting and impresses the investors. The investors say they didn’t expect Surya will take part in this meeting, it was a surprise for them. Later Meera asks Pankaj why no one informed her about zoom meeting and how Anu arranged for the meeting sitting in Vellore. Pankaj says Anu is head of Devanandhini sarees section. She must’ve phone and asked to FM to make the arrangements for the meeting. Meera is irritated.

Padma tells to Annammal that Narayanan had come to her in-laws to borrow 20 lskhs, but she stopped him before. Annammal and the family members scold Narayanan and question why he needs 20 lakhs. Narayanan keeps getting calls from the goons and he cuts it. As all are questioning him, Narayanan starts his drama. He goes to his brother’s portrait and starts his acting. Annammal says he shouldn’t have gone to Padma’s house to borrow money. She scolds him and leaves. Everyone leaves. Surya tells Anu that something is fishy. Anu also agrees with him. They leave too. Narayanan gets again goons call. He thinks of finding a way to settle the money for the goons.

The episode ends.