Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 10th May 2021 Written Update: Subu meets with an accident

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 10th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mansi and Chandra going for a long drive. They have friendly talk. Mansi wishes to have ice cream. Chandra asks Mansi to open the glovebox. Mansi gets elated finding an ice cream there. She happily starts eating it. Other side Subu is shown walking on the road talking with Pushba in a phone call. Pushba asks Subu to buy salt, but he denies. Pushba and Subu argue in the call. Here Chandra is fighting with Mansi for ice cream and hits Subu with the car. Subu falls down. Pushba hears Subu’s scream and gets worried. Mansi hits her head in the car’s dashboard and falls unconscious. Chandra tries to wake up Mansi.

Chandra then gets down from the car and helps Subu to get up. He takes the phone and tells Pushba that he will drop him at home. Subu asks Chandra to cut the call. Chandra asks if he’s fine and wants to take him to the doctor. Chandra also offers to drop him at home, but Subu refuses. Subu notices Mansi unconscious and asks to go and take care of his wife. Subu goes from there. Chandra sprinkles water on Mansi’s fqce. Mansi gains consciousnes and asks about the man (Subu) they hit. Mansi worries for him. Chandra assures that man got slight injuries and he even refused to take money.

Pankaj comes home. Pushba, Poorni and Anu get concern seeing a injured Subu. Poorni tends Subu and says he sprinkled his leg and he will get well in 4 days. Pushba gets worried and scolds those who have done Subu’s accident. Subu says that it’s not their mistake. He wasn’t careful as he was talking with Pushba in the phone call. Subu adds that the man offered to take to the hospital and bear all the expenses, but he refused. Pushba and Subu argue. Anu gets upset that she can’t talk to Subu about her love matter. Poorni writes the medecins name on a paper and asks Anu to get the medicines from the pharmacy.

Pankaj tells Subu met with a small accident. Surya gets worried for Subu. Pankaj further says that he asked one guard to follow Chandra and Mansi as they’re going to the guesthouse and hot to know. Chnadra does the accident. Surya wants to meet Subu immediately. Pankaja convinces Surya to go morning.

In the night, Anu is checking Surya’s online status and wonders why he didn’t message her. Subu finds Anu awake. He thinks he’s worried for him and reassures Anu. In the morning, Subu feels pain in the leg. Anu massages Subu’s leg. Subu gets emotional. Subu then complains that Poorni didn’t give him good medicines that’s why his pain didn’t reduce. Pushba argues with Subu. Subu then asks Anu why she stayed awake the whole and asks if she was worried for him. He assures Anu that he is fine. Anu receives a message and stands up getting shocked. Subu and Pushba get worried seeing Anu’s reaction and ask what happened.

The episode ends.