Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 11th February 2021 Written Update: Pushba talks to Subu about Anu and Chandru’s marriage

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 11th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pushba phoning Subu. She asks will he agree if he gets a marriage proposal for Anu from a wealthy and good family, and the groom is a nice guy, who also belongs to Anu’s age group to which Subu replies he’s not a fool to reject such a nice marriage proposal.

He asks why she’s asking like that. Pushba says that Raji and Jayanthi wish to get Anu married to Chandru. She further says they’ve talked to her about it, she has told them she will give her descion after talking to him and Anu. She adds that Chandru is a nice guy, his family is also nice, they all are very affectionate with Anu. Subu reminds her that Anu has gone there to get their land and asks how they can face them when they will get to know about it. He asks to let Anu compete her project and return Chennai then if they still wanted this proposal, they will talk. Subu coughs badly.

Pushba gets worried for Subu and asks him if he’s not well. He assures her that he’s fine. Pushba suggests him to drink kashayam. Pushba asks what she should say to Raji and Jayanthi. He asks her to say that she didn’t speak yet to her family, she will talk to them when the right will time and then let them know. Pushba agrees.

Jayanthi comes to Pushba. When Pushba says she was talking with Subu, Jayanthi asks if she talked to him regarding Anu and Chandru marriage to which Pushba lies not yet and asks to give her two days time. Jayanthi agrees and leaves. Padma comes back home. Srinivasan shouts at Padma asking she went to her parents house without informing him. His mom calms him down. Padma explains that Narayanan has come to borrow 20 lakh from Krishna without telling anyone in their family.

She has stopped before he could talk to krishna and she has took Narayanan back home. Annammal said it’s wrong to ask or give money to daughters in-laws family. Srinivasan apologizes to Padma for shouting at her and asks if she understands now why he stopped her from asking money to Annammal. Padma nods. He asks her to remain quiet when his dad will talk about money, he and his mom will handle the matter. Padma agrees.

Meera and Poorni are seen going in car. Anu phones Poorni. She says her dad is not well and asks her to check him as her mom’s worried for his health. Poorni agrees. Meera offers to drop Poorni at her brother-in-law’s house, but Poorni denies saying she will manage. While taking her backward, her collide with Ragupathi’s bike. The latter recognizes Meera. He asks her about Anu and Surya going for a trip. Meera scolds him for speaking ill of Surya Prakash. She then asks to defame Anu by spreading this news in their colony. Ragupathi agrees.

Ramya phones Anu. She tells her that she saw on TV a Josiyar saying that if one goes to Kaligabal temple on full moon day and lights diya, her/his love will get successful and asks her to visit the temple today as it’s full moon. Anu asks Jayanthi about the Kaligabal temple. Jayanthi asks Chandru to take Anu to the temple. Jayanthi misunderstands that they both have feelings for each other but they’re hiding it. She thinks today they may get opportunity to express it.

Chandru and Anu are seen going in the car to the temple. Anu thanks him for taking her to the temple. Chandru talks about his childhood memories. Sangili’s friend notices Chandru going in the car. He phones Sangili and informs him that Chandru is going to the Kaligabal temple.

The episode ends.