Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 11th June 2021 Written Update: Chandra is worried about Mansi’s disappearance

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 11th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chandra telling Pankaj that he had a small tiff with Mansi. He thought to convince her after reaching home, but he didn’t think, she will switch off her phone for long. Chandra asks Pankaj why he keeps looking at that two people and who they are. Pankaj says that they’re police and have come for a small enquiry. Chandra requests to tell his goons and find out Mansi’s whereabouts. Pankaj assures him that Mansi must be angry with him so she turned off her phone. Chandra says that she can’t be angry since they haven’t had any big fight. Pankaj says that they will discuss it later as police is watching them. Chandra asks what they’re doing here. Pankaj says that he will explain later on and asks him to keep trying to call Mansi. Chandra asks why Surya’s phone is switched off. Pankaj remains silent. Chandra says that they will talk later and leaves.

The cops stop Chandra and questions him. They ask why his wife hasn’t come with him. Chandra gets tensed and says that she will come soon. The cop asks why he’s disturbed and what he was talking with Pankaj. Chandra says that he’s face is like that and he had only a casual conversation with Pankaj. They ask him to leave.

Pankaj has called the staffs, Anu and all back to the guesthouse. They ask Pankaj what why he asked them all to come back to the guest house immediately. Anu says that she tried to contact Surya, but his phone is switched off and asks what happened to him. Meera reprimands Anu for calling Surya. Pankaj intervenes saying it’s ok. Chandra comes there. Pankaj reveals that two cops have come here since someone has given a complaint against Surya. Someone was murdered in this guest house and Police was informed that Surya was involved in this murder. They all get terrified hearing this. Pankaj asks them to not get afraid. The cops will investigate all of them and asks them to tell the truth without any fear.

Meera asks why Police will investigate them. Pankaj says that police wanted to investigate whoever stayed here for the last one week. He tried to persuade them, but they’re adamant. Pushba comes there late and asks Pankaj why he called her. Pankaj explains her the situation. Pushba and Ramya get scared and want to go back home. Meera says that she will stand by Surya’s side no matter what since he had done so much for his employees. Meera then taunts Ramya. Pankaj calms Meera saying that Ramya would be scared. Gopi asks about Mansi. Pankaj takes him apart and warns him for asking about Mansi.

The cops check the CCTV footage and sees Ragupathi keeping an eye on the guest house. The cops asks Pankaj about him. Pankaj tells that he’s nme is Ragupathi. The cops asks why he didn’t mention to them about Ragupathi. Pankaj says that he doesn’t worth to mention about him. The cops ask Pankaj to call Ragupathi. Pankaj agrees. The cops asks where Surya is. Pankaj looks on.

The episode ends.