Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 13th May 2021 Written Update: Anu vents out her anger on Pankaj

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 13th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu shouting at Pankaj. She says that she’s not a school kid to question her. She’s Devanandhi Fabrics head. She asks he will do the same, if Meera took a off. Pankaj says that it’s casual visit. Anu refuses to believe him and adds that he’s always welcomed here, but he should tell honestly the reason for his visit. Pankaj leaves from there. Anu feels bad that she vented out Surya’s anger on Pankaj and decides to apologize to him the next day.

Ramya asks Anu to turn on her phone and talk to Surya, else she will phone him and tell that Anu took her challenge seriously. Anu is adamant and gives her swear to Ramya saying she shouldn’t tell Surya anything. Anu further says that she wants to know whether Surya will come to see her or not. She adds that if Surya hadn’t confessed his love, she wouldn’t have minded, but now she does mind. Ragupathi watches them conversing, but he couldn’t hear them. He wonders what’s the matter.

Pushba questions Anu what she said to Pankaj. Anu says nothing. Pushba asks then what took her so long to come back. Anu says that she was talking with Ramya. Chandra and Mansi are on the way to the office. Mansi gets upset that Chandra wants to go to the office. She asks to drop her at home before going to the office. Chandra says that he has an important meeting. Mansi gets adamant to meet Saradha. She then says that he spoiled their plan of meeting Anu and find out about the girl in Surya’s life. Chandra gets a call from the office. He asks to postpone the meeting and decides to drop Mansi at home first.

Ragupathi phones Meera and informs that Surya has visited Anu in the morning, after some time, Pankaj has come. He asks what the matter is, whether Anu and Surya’s marriage got fixed. Meera gets annoyed. Ragupathi wants to ask Meera to send him the video clip of Surya and Anu, but drops the idea finding Meera’s mood is off. Meera wonders why Pankaj visited Anu. Meera decides to find out from Surya.

Surya asks Meera if Anu has come. Meera taunts Surya that Anu doesn’t do anything without informing him and asks if she did not inform him today. She further says that the current generation doesn’t think about others. Surya asks about his meeting schedule. Meera says that she didn’t schedule any meeting and taunts Surya saying that nowadays he’s not at the office and no one knows where he’s. Surya says that it’s good that she didn’t schedule any meeting because he and Pankaj have an important meeting. Meera taunts again Surya.

Pankaj comes to Surya’s cabin and informs that Anu and her parents are fine. Pankaj complains that Anu scolded him. Surya says that Anu doesn’t scold anyone without reason and asks what he did. Pankaj gets annoyed and says that he indirectly asked her why she didn’t come to the office and she scolded him for that. Surya asks him to calm down and adds that he’s lucky to get scolded by Anu. Pankaj walks out getting angry. Surya phones Anu and finds her number still off. He misses Anu and wants to talk to Anu.

The episode ends.