Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 13th November 2020 Written Update: Anu receives a call from Surya

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 13th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Subu telling to Pushba about what happened in the office. Pushba gets happy and says if Surya was there, he would be very happy. Anu looks on sad.

Pankaj and Surya discuss about Surendar. Pankaj is certain that Surander cannot harm Surya as there are guards with loaded weapons. Even though if he enters the house he can’t return alive. When Surya asks about office work, Pankaj tells that Anu succeeded to convince Chandra to change calender design. Surya notices Pankaj having satellite phone. He walks away grabing the satellite phone. He phones Anu. The latter is elated hearing Surya’s voice. She says that she was waiting for his call.

Surya congratulates Anu for being able to convince Chandra to change the calendar design. Anu thanks Surya saying he encouraged her to talk to Chandra. Surya says he has called her to thank her and he will reveal the reason when they will meet. Anu says ‘i trust you sir’. Just then Pankaj comes there. Surya asks Anu not to tell to anyone that he had called her. He says i trust you too before cutting the call.

Subu explains to Pushba the importance of segregation of garbages. Later Subu is reading horoscope. Anu gets Neel’s call. The latter asks if she talked to Surya. Anu says no and asks what happened. Neel says there’s no update since Surya left to London. He adds Surya has not attended the conference and must have reached Chennai by now.

If his guess is right, Surya must come to office today. Anu is overjoyed thinking of meeting Surya. She rushes to washroom. Pushba tells to Subu that Anu, who was sad till yesterday, became happy after talking to Neel. Subu doesn’t pay attention to her words reading the horoscopes.

Subu asks Anu if Surya has returned from London. Anu says Neel has told like that, but she’s doubtful, as one can’t leave the conference in midway. Subu says Surya can do even the impossible and takes as an example her cancellation of transfer to Bangalore.

Anu tries to call Surya, but she can’t reach him. She walks away thinking Surya only can call her.

Surendar calls Pankaj from a new number. He threatens Pankaj to kill Surya. Later Pankaj calls his man asking to track the location of his last call.

At the office, Meera sees Pankaj talking to someone in phone. He asks the person to be more alert. Meera calls Pankaj by his name, but the latter walks away without noticing Meera. Just then Meera gets a call and becomes shocked.

Anu is sitting on her cabin. She thinks if Surya had reached Chennai, he would have at least send her a text message. She wonders if Neel is telling the truth, why she can’t reach Surya’s number. She sees Pankaj. She thinks Pankaj may get angry if she asks him about Surya and decides to wait for Surya’s call. She again sees Pankaj walking away worriedly.

The episode ends.