Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 14th February 2021 Written Update: Anu tries to stop Lila from going to meet Santosh

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 14th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Surya admiring a sleeping Anu. The latter wakes up from sleep and asks Surya why he’s not sleeping. Surya says he will be awake so he can take care that no snake come near her. Anu gets scared. She requests him to sit next to her. She hugs his arm in fear. Idhuta Idhuta song plays in the background. She places her head on Surya’s shoulder and slowly falls into the sleep. Surya admires her smiling.

The next day morning, Chandru wakes up. Villgae Doctor asks Chandru to try to walk. Chandru refuses as he’s scared that his feet will hurt. Surya supports him to walk. Chandru says he doesn’t feel any pain now. He thanks the doctor. Doctor refuses to take fees saying Chandru’s grandfather gave him this land. He gives to Anu Chandru’s medecine and oil to apply. They take leave.

Jayanthi wonders why Chandru and Anu haven’t come back home yet. She says if they come back, she can start the talk of Chandru and Anu’s marriage. As Anu and Chandru spent the night together, Pushba will not be able to refuse the proposal. Raji is also worried that Chandru hasn’t returned yet. Narayanan notices this. Raji tells Narayanan that if the village people gets to know that Chandru had spent a night with a girl, no one will give him girl for marriage. Narayanan suggests getting Anu married to Chandru. Raji scolds him and leaves.

Surya, Anu and Chandru come back home. Family finds him walking limping. They worry and ask him about it. Narayanan asks how Sundaram correctly reached them. Surya says Anu had phoned him and explains them what happened. Family asks who that goons are. Surya lies they’re thief. Raji takes Chandru inside. Surya and Anu notice Lila tensed. Anu stops Lila and questions where she’s going early morning. Lila says to college as they’re going to a site visit. Anu keeps questioning Lila. Jayanthi also scolds Lila for leaving without informing her. Lila manges the situation and escapes from there.

At Chennai, Ranjini goes to the colony residents houses in order to spread rumors about Anu. The colony residents refuse to believe the rumors about Anu saying they don’t think Anu can do like that. Ranjini leaves getting irritated. Subu visits the temple. He prays to God for Anu’s success in vellore project. While coming out of the temple, he meets Swamyadi. Swamiyadi asks why he had sent Anu far, when she told him to keep her safe. She then says land can turn poison. She advises him to pray to Goddess and leaves. Subu is condused and shocked. He phones Pushba immediately and informs her about Swamiyadi’s scaring words. He asks Pushba to take Anu to the temple. Pushba agrees.

Lila is on the way to meet Santosh. The latter phones her to know where she’s. Lila says she got late because of the guest, who stays at her house. She enquired about where she’s going. She further says she will soon reach and cuts the call. Santosh phones his friend and discusses about his plan. It’s revealed that Santosh has planned to take Lila to a lodge and abuse her. Later he has arranged for a police raid to defame Lila and her family.

Lila reaches the location. She waits for Santosh. Anu comes there. Lila gets shocked seeing Anu. The latter asks Lila where she’s going. Lila speaks rudely with Anu. The latter keeps asking Lila where she’s going in a calm manner. Lila asks Anu to stay in her limits. She says Anu is a guest and has no right to question her. She’s a major and can do anything she wants. As she keeps speaking in manner less way, Anu loses her cool and slaps her. Lila looks at her shocked.

The episode ends.