Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 14th January 2021 Written Update: Anu’s talk leaves Surya speechless

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 14th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Surya getting ready to meet Anu. He looks at the ring he bought to propose Anu. He places in the box then plucks few jasmine flowers and places over it. Servant Gopi brings madam milk for Surya. Gopi gets shocked, when Surya drinks the whole glass milk since it’s unsual.

Gopi informs Mansi that Surya is good mood. Mansi refuses to believe him as Surya was upset till yesterday. Surya comes down smiling looking at the ring box. Gopi signs Mansi to notice Surya. On seeing Mansi, Surya puts the ring box in his pocket. He leaves. Mansi wonders what Surya was holding in his hand, why he has hidden it seeing her. She decides to find out what’s happening.

Anu comes getting ready for office. Ramya and Sambath tell she got and persuades her to check her phone. Anu gets surprised seeing Surya’s message. She tells her friends that Surya asked her to come on a given location. Sambath expresses his happiness and is about to spill the beans that they texted Surya from Anu’s mobile, but Ramya stopped him.

Ramya tells Anu to meet Surya. Anu says she knows what he’s going to say. He will advise her to listen to her parents and will indirectly ask her to forget him. Anu says she will not go. Just then Swamyadi comes there. Swamyadi asks her to go. Anu leaves to meet Surya.

Surya is waiting for Anu in a park. He’s talking with the jasmines. He’s praising Anu’s innocence. He tells he never imagined he will talk to flowers one day. He understood the life after meeting Anu. He further tells he doesn’t know how he’s going to express his love to Anu. He keeps talking to himself. Just then he notices Anu.

Surya says he has something important to tell her but he doesn’t know how to tell. Anu says she knows what he’s going to say. Surya happily asks is it, he wants to tell her… Anu cuts him. She says she wants to talk to him before. She apologizes to him for the same. Anu gets emotional. She turns to wipe her tears. Surya thinks Anu is going to express her love so she’s getting emotional in excitement.

Anu tells she knows he’s going to say parents are important and she should obey them. She talks about their previous meeting in the same park. She says that also he gave her the same advise and asked her to marry the boy that her parents will choose. Surya tries to stop her but Anu requests him to let her speak. She tells how important he’s for her and how her life changed after meeting him. Surya asks why she’s telling everything now.

Anu apologizes to him for making him angry. She tells she will follow his advice and listen to her parents. She further tells she was very happy the every second she had spent with him except today. She is a very small girl who can’t come closer to him. She says she understood that staying away from him and his office is good for her parents. Surya gets speechless hearing her talk.

The episode ends.