Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 14th November 2020 Written Update: Meera and Pankaj meet Surya

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 14th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu noticing Pankaj walking past her. Anu wonders if she should ask Pankaj about Surya. She changes her mind as he may mistook her. She decides to wait until Surya himself call her.

Pankaj is searching for some files in Surya’s room. Just then Meera comes there and questions him about Surya’s whereabouts. She says she got to know from London conference organizers that Surya didn’t attend the conference. She asks where’s Surya. Pankaj reveals that Surya is in Chennai. Meera is shocked and starts shooting Pankaj with questions, why Surya didn’t go to London, where he’s at present, why he didn’t come to office. Pankaj says he can’t reveal anything at that moment. He requests not to question him. He leaves says he will explain her everything later.

Meera stops Pankaj, who’s about to get into his car. She asks to answer her questions. Pankaj asks her to understand the situation. Meera is adamant to know where Surya’s and urges to meet him. Pankaj says it’s not save for Surya. Meera is shocked and questions what the problem is. She pleads Pankaj to meet Surya. Pankaj agrees and tells no one shouldn’t about it. They get into car and drive off.

Subu is playing guitar singing songs which annoys Pushba, who asks him to go to his work rather than playing guitar so that they can repay their loan and also she can do her work peacefully. Subu mocks her cooking and says she’s twiddling her thumbs. The both starts arguing. Subu challenges her to work in his shop for one day. Pushba accepts the challenge.

Subu says then he will do all household works. Just then Neel comes there. Pushba pulls Subu’s leg asking to make tea for Neel, who prefers to drink tea made by Pushba. Subu asks Neel if he didn’t go to office. Neel says today is weekly off. He is bored at home so has come to take his girlfriend along which shocks Subu and Pushba. Neel clarifies that he was talking about his guitar. Pushba thanks Neel saying to take the guitar as her hears are paining. Pushba gives tea to Neel. She asks him to have lunch. Neel says he has some work and leaves along with Subu, who’s going to textile shop.

Meera meets Surya. She asks what’s happening. Pankaj says Meera was adamant to meet him so he had to take her. Meera requests Surya tell what the matter is, why he’s hiding like this. Surya asks Meera to relax. He asks Meera to question Pankaj, as he’s following his instructions. He says he agrees with Meera that Pankaj overreacting. Pankaj says he’s doing everything for Surya’s protect. He tells Meera that someone wants to harm Surya.

When Meera asks whose that person, Pankaj says he can’t reveal as it’s confidential. Meera advises Surya to be safe. She asks him to stay inside and take care of himself. Surya loses his temper and starts shouting at them. He says for someone who took cared about all of them, he can certainly know to take care of himself. He adds that he’s sad for staying away from the people that he loves. Meera thinks in mind that she loves him so that she has come to see him. She won’t go away untill the problems are solved and he’s safe. When Meera says she wants to take care of himself, Surya will ask to look after the company, as Pankaj is there.

Subu angrily comes back home. Pushba asks him what happened. He says colony residents are gossiping about Anu. They are talking about Neel dropping Anu back home that night. Pushba says they should get married Anu soon. Subu says he can’t get her married just because people talking behind their back. If they don’t stop gossiping, he will tell them Anu’s would be husband drop her back home.

Pushba is shocked. He says if they look for a boy for Anu they will see if the boy is good looking, he has well educated, he has a good job, he is compatible with Anu and if he’s Anu’s age. If he finds such guy he will get Anu married to him. If Anu choose such guy, he will happily accept. Pushba prays Anu should get a good husband.

The episode ends.