Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 15th February 2021 Written Update: Surya teaches a lesson to Ragupathi

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 15th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu asking Lila to come with her. Lila asks who she’s to question her like this. She’s also one of the guests who stayed at her house and nothing more. She then admits that she loves a guy and questions what’s wrong in it. Anu says she’s not aware of many things happening in the family and asks why she didn’t tell her family that she’s going to meet her lover. Anu tries to convince Lila that what she’s doing will bring shame to their family.

Lila says he’s a good guy for her and even if he’s a bad guy, and does bad with her, she doesn’t care about it. Anu slaps Lila. She asks if she can say the same to Annammal and her parents. Lila reminds silent. Anu asks if she understands now how disgusting words she had said. She’s ready to apologize to her lover if he’s really a good guy. She asks Lila to come with her for now. She takes her in her bike.

Sangili and Santosh are seen blindfolded and tied to a pillar. They ask if Annammal has asked to kidnap them. A man with monkey cap says to Sangili he tried to kill a young boy, if it was his city, he would have shot him. He threatens to kill Santosh. Sangili asks him not to harm his grandson. He keeps asking who they are. The man says if something had happened to his friend. Sangili asks if Chandru is his friend.

Two men bring Ponnathal there. She’s shouting who had sent them. Sangili calls out Ponnathal. The latter gets to know that her father-in-law and her son are there. The man beats up Santosh. He warns not to disturb Annammal’s family else he will kill them. Sangili asks who he’s to order them. The man says they don’t need to know who he’s but they need to know he always keeps his words.

He removes the blindfold from Ponnathal’s eyes and asks his men to hit Santosh and Sangili. Ponnathal begs him to stop. He signs his men to stop. He warns them that he will ruin their family if they attempt something against Annammal and leaves with his men. Ponnathal says they must be Annammal’s men. She decided to ruin their family they should destroy her before.

Colony women and Ranjini are gossiping about Anu. Two men are discussing about the rumors that’s circulating in the colony regarding Anu. Subu hears it. He enquires them what they’re talking about Anu. The man tells there is a rumor about Anu and her boss Surya Prakash. Subu shouts at that man. The man suggests to ask Anu to return else it will be difficult to shut people’s mouth.

Subu furiously enters his house. He realizes that Ragupathy must have created this rumor. He phones Pushba and shouts at her. He asks her to come along with Anu immediately. Pushba asks him for the reason. Subu explains her how the colony residents are speaking ill about Anu. He further says that Ragupathi was spreading rumors about Anu. He cries saying he can’t take it anymore and asks her to come and handle the situation. He cuts the call.

Surya finds Pushba criying and asks her what happened. Pushba tells him that Subu phoned her and told that Ragupathi spreading rumors about Anu in the colony and the residents are speaking ill of Anu. Subu angrily asked them to return immediately. She adds that she also thinks they should leave now. Surya says if Anu herself decides to leave that’s different, but he will not let them leave fearing that colony people badmouthes Anu. He assures her that he will handle this matter. Pushba agrees.

Pankaj kidnaps Ragupathi. His men hit Ragupathi. Pankaj warns him not to speak ill about Anu anymore. It’s revealed that Pankaj has kidnapped and threatened Sangili’s family in Vellore. Ragupathi tells to the colony residents that Anu is a good girl and she has gone to Vellore for an office work, so none should badmouth Anu. He finally goes to Subu and apologizes to him for spreading rumors about Anu. Subu is surprised seeing the sudden change in him. Later Ranjini asks him what happened to him all of a sudden to which Ragupathi lies that he doesn’t want to spoil an innocent girl’s life.

Sangili’s family is furious remembering how the goons have beaten and threatened them. Lila phones Santosh, but he cuts her calls. They express their anger on Annammal and seek revenge for their insult. Santosh says he will take their revenge by defaming Lila, today she got saved, but not tomorrow.

The episode ends.