Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 15th November 2020 Written Update: Surya contacts Anu via Facebook

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 15th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu and Ramya discussing about Surya. Anu says Neel had told her that Surya is in Chennai and will come to office, but Surya didn’t come. She is unable to understand if Surya’s in Chennai, why his phone is switched off. Ramya says he must be busy. Anu says he had time to visit her before going to airport, but now he has no time for her. Ramya says she can ask Neel. Anu replies she can’t trust his words. She asks Ramya to give an idea to contact Surya. Just then Ramya notices Sambath overhearing them. Ramya calls Sambath. The latter suggests to contact Surya through Facebook. Anu says he doesn’t have any social accounts.

Surya had enough of staying inside of the house. He furiously goes downstairs calling Pankaj’s name. Surya asks Pankaj to give the car key. He says he can’t anymore hide or run away. Pankaj says Surendar is looking for an opportunity to kill us and asks Surya to be patient. Surya says they never know his real intention and he may want him to hide. Surya asks if he forgot the Surya that he was 20 years ago. They had some flashes of past. Pankaj says he remembers everything and adds Surendar is nothing in front him. He shouldn’t forget that he’s the great Surya Prakash whom many people trust. He assures he will handle Surendar. Surya says he knows to be great Surya Prakash at the same time he can become again the Surya that he was 20 years ago. Surendar is fool if he think the cloud can hide the sun. He adds if he tries to come closer to him, he will kill him. Pankaj tells to himself that it will be difficult to control Surya, if he becomes the old Surya, he should find a solution for Surendar at the earliest.

Anu is overjoyed when Surya likes her one picture on Facebook. She shares her with Ramya, who is surprised that Surya is in Facebook. Anu says if he liked her photo means he’s not angry with her. Just then she receives a message from Surya. The latter says he’s in Chennai and as he’s mobile is out of service, he couldn’t contact her. Ramya teases Anu saying it looks like a leave letter for teacher. The both starts laughing. Subu, who’s going to buy milk, notice them and questions what the matter is. Ramya says they were discussing about subject. Subu leaves asking Anu to study well.

Neel visits Surya’s house. He meets Mansi. He compliments the house. He then asks where’s Surya. Mansi asks if he doesn’t that he left to London. Neel says he’s a great businessman and he might have traveled to London or not, he might have went to any other country. Mansi starts suspecting if Surya went to London or not. Mansi says she will bring him juice and asks until to visit the house. Neel goes upstairs. He finds a locked room. He tries to open it, but he’s unable. Just then Sharda comes there. She questions him who he’s. He presents himself as Neel. Sharda says Surya had told her about him. She says that is Surya’s room. The sevant adds apart Surya no one has permission to enter that room. Neel takes their leave.

Neel calls Surendar. He informs Surya isn’t in his house. He says Meera has given him some work. He has to handle Meera if wants to continue to work in Surya’s company. He says he will contact him after his guitar class with Subu.

Anu is looking at the Facebook photo that Surya liked. Ramya says Anu to ask Surya to meet. When Anu is skeptical, she tries to persuade her to contact Surya in vain. Later Anu receives a call.

The episode ends.