Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 16th April 2021 Written Update: Anu seeks her friends’ advice to solve the mystery about Devanandhini’s old factory

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 16th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pankaj trying to talk with Surya about a business problem. Surya gets irritated and asks him to discuss about it with Meera and asks not to disturb him. Pankaj mokes Surya and asks if he can arrange for a dialogue writer, who can help him to express his thoughts to Anu. Surya gets annoyed and says that he knows when and how to tell Anu and asks him to leave.

Anu tells her friends, Ramya and Sambath about the old address of Devanandhini fabrics that she found in the notebook. She says that every year taxes were paid, but leaving that she can’t find any other details about that factory. Sambath advises Anu to ask to Surya about it. Anu tells that Surya has lot of things to handle so she doesn’t think he may know about the old location of his factory.

Pankaj meets the lawyer. The lawyer tells Pankaj that the commissioner warned him not to enter into the restricted area. Pankaj asks the lawyer to make the Commissioner understand that place belongs to them and Surrender created fake documents to claim that it’s his land. The lawyer says that they don’t even have the copy of original document, so they can’t claim it as theirs. Pankaj says that Surrender cleverly destroyed it. Pankaj asks the lawyer somehow get that land back. The lawyer asks him to give details about that factory which Pankaj refuses to give.

Ramya advises Anu to ask about the old Devanandhini factory to Surya’s mother. Anu is scared to talk to Sharda as she thinks Surya may get angry with her. Sambath says taht Anu should talk instead about her love for Surya to Sharda. Anu says that Surya will definitely get angry if she does something like that. Sambath and Ramya say that Surya wants her to talk to his mom about their love, so he informed her that her mom is staying in the guesthouse. Ramya adds that Sharda also likes her. Anu says that she will meet Sharda for sure, but she will not talk about her and Surya to her. She then says that she finds peace on seeing Sharada’s face and tells that the other day when she was sad because of Surya’s behavior, Sharda understood her pain seeing her face and comforted her. Sambath asks Anu to go and meet Sharda and see if she can feel her love for Surya on seeing her face.

Pankaj and Surya discuss about the land where the old factory is. Surya asks Pankaj to somehow get that land. He further says that he is going to reveal to Anu about his past and confess his feelings, so he doesn’t want any disturbances and requests Pankaj not to stop him.

Meera asks Anu about the Devanandhini sales report. Anu says that she has some doubts regarding Devanandhini sales. She will prepare the report after getting the inputs from Surya. Meera gets shocked hearing this. She says that Surya has a busy schedule today, so she can’t meet him. However Anu says that he will be free at this time for an half hour. Meera says even he’s free now, she shouldn’t disturb Surya when he’s relaxing and asks Anu to share her doubts with her. Anu says but Meera doesn’t know about Devanandhini fabrics history. Meera takes it as an insult and fumes.

The episode ends.