Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 16th November 2020 Written Update: Surya decides to meet Anu

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 16th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ramya persuading Anu to callSurya. Anu calls Surya via Facebook. The latter attends the call. Ramya sees Pushba coming that way snd signs Anu, who hides the phone. Pushba complains about water crisis and leaves. Surya asks Anu how she’s doing. Anu expresses her grief. She says she pretending to be ok in front of all. She is waiting to meet him. Seeing Subu she pretends to ask doubt regarding corporate law. Subu asks them to study well and leaves. She excuses to Surya, who teases her. Surya says they both are sailing in same boat. Anu asks if he also thinks like her.

Subu tells to Pushba that Anu is talking to Neel as he also studied corporate law. He asks her opinion about Neel. Pushba thinks Neel is a good person. Subu says even Meera told that office staff like them as pair. Pushba says if he meant Anu and Neel likes each other. Subu says before come to any conclusion he needs to talk to Anu. He adds he will talk to her after her exams.

Surya says it’s been a long time since they’ve seen each other. Anu expresses her joy that she’s also feeling like him. She adds she isn’t able to meet him. Surya recalls Saradha’s words. He says if one’s prayer is true, it will be realized. The both asks simultaneously where they can meet. Surya asks Anu to decide the place. Anu asks Ramya, who suggests the pizza corner. Anu tells the same place to Surya, who agrees to meet her there.

Anu hurriedly gets ready to meet Surya. Subu is also getting ready for his work while Pushba is packing his lunch. Just then Ramya comes there. She blabbers about going to meet Sir. Subu questions which sir. Ramya lies they are going to college to get the hall ticket. Pushba asks they didn’t already got the hall ticket. Ramya says they go to collect notes for exams. When Subu says he will accompany them, Ramya lies they will go to meet Neel after collecting the notes, as they have some doubts on cooperative law subject. They leave. When Anu and Ramya leave the colony, Neel comes there in his car. He spots Anu. He parks the car inside the colony and comes out to call Anu, but he misses her.

Anu feels bad for lying to her parents and expresses it to Ramya who tries to console her.

Subu praises Pushba’s ginger tea. Just then Neel comes with his guitar. Subu tells Neel that Anu has gone to college to collect notes for exam and she told that then she will meet him to clear some doubts about corporate law. Neel receives Anu’s message that she has gone out on the pretext of meeting him. Neel texts her back saying he’s at her home, he reassures her that he will handle the situation, he asks to greet Surya on his behalf. Neel lies to Anu’s parents he has come to take Anu along in his car to college but she has already left. Pushba serves him lunch.

Anu is shocked reading Neel’s message. She shared about Neel’s message to Ramya. The latters asks how he knows about she is going to meet Surya. She asks Anu to be careful with Neel. Anu says he must have guessed. She says she’s no mood to think about it all. She replies Neel with a thank you. Otherside Neel is wondering where Anu is going lying to her parents that she is going to meet him, if Anu has gone to meet Surya.

The episode ends.