Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 17th January 2021 Written Update: Anu accepts the jasmine flowers

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 17th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chandra moking Mansi. He says first thing no girl can reject Surya second Surya isn’t like that. Mandi tells she already told she had seen Surya with one girl in bike. She tells Chandra to connect that incident with Surya brought a jasmine plant then today went out with Jasmine flowers and now the gunshot. Chandra says in that case they should help Surya but they don’t know who is that girl. Mansi says she find it out. Chandra says he’s happy that Mansi cares for his brother.

Surya is remembering the moment Anu expressed his feelings for him, then the time he confessed his love and their last meeting. Surya tells Pankaj he is still furious and can’t let go of his anger because he’s angry on himself. He furiously walks away. Pankaj thinks he can’t see Surya suffering. He asks himself if Anu has to return to bring back happiness on Surya’s face. Surya collects the box from Periyavar and goes upstairs.

The occultist visits Anu’s house. The occultist tells Pushba not to worry about Ashtami and announces the arrival of a good news. Pushba gets happy hearing the same. She asks to give the jasmine flowers to Anu and is about to give to Pushba. Anu comes there. The occultist says what’s destined will reach you, no one can change God’s plans. God’s prasadam is destined to reach her. Anu happily accepts the flowers. The occultist tells tomorrow is Ashtami so asks her to pray Goddess. She leaves. Anu recalls smiling the moments she gave Surya the jasmine plant then she found the jasmine flowers in hospital. She becomes sad remembering their last meeting in park.

Surya is sadly looking at the jasmine plant. He tells he was excited to express his love for her but Anu didn’t let him speak. He is sure that whatever Anu told in park are not true and she’s hiding her feelings. He wonders whether they will meet hereafter. He then tells their fate will definitely make them meet like last time. He tells ‘I love you Anu’. He further tells if his love is true, they will definitely meet.

Anu tells Ramya what happened in the park. Ramya gets angry on Anu for not letting Surya to speak. Anu says she doesn’t want to get hurt. She can’t bear if Surya would told that she should obey her parents and they shouldn’t meet hereafter. Ramya tells Anu she didn’t do right. She spills the bean that they did all this to make Surya and her meet and speak. Anu asks what they did. Ramya confesses they messaged to Surya from her mobile. Anu reprimands Ramya and asks her not to repeat it. She walks away.

The next day, Subu and Pushba sees Anu standing upset. They question her what happened. Anu reacts angrily. Subu says Pushba not to disturb Anu. Pushba tells today is Ashtami. They ask Anu to visit the temple. Then Subu tells that he’s happy that she resigned her job. He further asks Anu to look for a new job. He asks her to work if she gets a job, else she can stay at home. He will take care of her.

At Surya’s house, Sharda sees Surya sitting upset. She makes a plan to take Surya to the temple in order to boost his mood. She asks the maid to book a cab to go to the temple. She lies to Surya that the driver is on leave. Surya decides to take his mom to the temple. Anu is shown praying to the God in the temple. She asks God to show her a way. Surya visits the same temple.

The episode ends.