Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 17th May 2021 Written Update: Anu questions Pankaj about the missing files from the storeroom

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 17th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Surya scolding Pankaj and asking him to leave. Pankaj ,on his way, come across Meera. He asks Meera if he’s going to see Surya. Meera nods yes. Pankaj smiles and asks her to go ahead. He leaves. Meera looks confused. Meera goes to Surya and tells about the file details. Surya doesn’t pay attention to whatever she said and calls her by Pankaj’s name and asks her to call Anu. Meera gets irritated and leaves. Meera informs Anu that Surya is calling her.

Anu goes to Surya. She asks wh he didn’t phone her instead of asking to Meera to call her. Surya asks Anu to take her seat. Anu notices Surya holding the bangles. Anu reminds him that he can’t make her wear the bangles one by one. As per the challenge, he should make her wear all the bangles at a time. As they were conversing, Pankaj comes there. He hesitates to tell the matter in front of Anu. Surya asks him to go ahead. Pankaj tells that while tapping Chandra’s phone calls, he noticed Chandra getting some anonymous calls. He tried to track that numbers, but couldn’t. Surya says there’s lot of positive changes in Chandra yet in case he gets fooled, they will handle it. Pankaj leaves.

Surya asks Anu if she’s shocked knowing that he’s tapping his own brothers phone calls. He says that he’s doing everything for his safety as anyone could fool him. They tap only the unknown calls, not any personal calls. She may think that he’s not the Surya whom she trusted and has fallen in love with. Anu admits that she was shocked, but she trusts that there’s a reason behind his every action, so she can understand this. She further says love means trust and she will always trust him. Anu asks if he exchanged the bangles with the correct size. Surya denies it and says that he will make her wear those bangles. He takes it as a challenge. He leaves.

Anu goes to the storeroom and gets shocked seeing that the Devanandhini files are missing. She asks FM about it. FM tells Pankaj took away that files. Anu goes to Pankaj and asks about the files. Pankaj admits that he shifted them to some other place. Pankaj further says that the files are digitalized and if she needs them, she can check on the system. Anu argues saying her work will be easy with the original files. Pankaj says that they are going to renovate the storeroom and maybe they will put the files back in the storeroom after the renovation works are done. He asks her to wait patiently till that and leaves.

Pankaj comes across a tantric, who warns him. The tantric tells that Anu’s isn’t an ordinary girl and he won’t be able to stop her. He walks away while Pankaj looks on. Other side, Mansi is worried about the person (Subu)whom they hit with their car. Chandra assures her that person is fine. Mansi is scared that man may create any problems to them and asks Chandra to tell Surya about the accident. Chandra says that man is a good person and he won’t trouble them. Mansi isn’t convinced and wants to call Surya. Chandra stops her and reassures her. On seeing Mansi disturbed, Chandra suggests calling Anu to home. Mansi says that she’s in good mood to meet anyone. He agrees and asks her to come with him.

Surya confronts Chandra and Mansi and questions them about the accident. He scolds them for hiding the truth from him and reveals that Pankaj informed him about it. Chandra says the person whom they hit, is good hearted person, so he didn’t creat any issue nor ask for money. Surya asks them to forget about this accident.

Surya takes Gopi to aside and asks him if he ever made anyone wear bangles. Surya asks to take his time to think and tell. Gopi says he never did it. Surya gets annoyed. He scolds Gopi and asks him to leave. Surya thinks about finding a way to win the challenge.

The episode ends.