Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 17th November 2020 Written Update: Surendar learns that Surya is going to meet Anu

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 17th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pushba telling Neel how she doesn’t waste food and prepares new dishes using the remaining yesterday rice. Neel gets a message and goes out. Otherside Ramya gets message from college asking her to come and collect the notes. Ramya leaves for college. Neel informs Surendar about Anu going to meet Surya. When Surendar asks for location details, Neel says he doesn’t know which disappoints Surendar. Neel says he will keep updating him. Subu observes Neel talking in phone. He thinks Neel is talking with Anu. He shares about the with Pushba, who doesn’t take his words seriously. Neel comes back. He questions what happened their challenge. The both accepts the challenge. Subu decides to cook while Pushba goes to textile shop.

A pizza delivery person tells Surya’s bodyguard that he got a pizza ordered and customermentioned the pizza should be delivered in his hands. The bodyguard calls Surya, who confirmed the same. After checking the pizza delivery person, the guards let him inside. Surya swaps his dress with the delivery person and goes out. A spy appointed by Surendar notices Surya and informs Surendar.

Sharda asks what’s London time to Mansi, who tells she suspects that Surya didn’t go to London. Sharda gets disturbed. She recalls Pankaj sudden arrival and he is telling that Police had asked to be more alert. Sharda calls Pankaj. She asks where’s Surya is. Pankaj says he will come and tell her. Sharda gets worried. Pankaj assures that he will not let anything happen to Surya until he’s alive.

Surya is on the way to meet Anu. One person follows him. Pankaj meets Sharda. He assures her saying Surya is safe. Sharda says if Mansi hadn’t told, she would have never knew about it. He asks her not to worry. He says Surya has to be hide till he solves Surendar’s matter. He asks if any suspicious person has visited the house.

After thinking, Sharda says no and says she will inform him if she finds a person suspicious. Pankaj asks the servant to be more alert and calls him if he finds someone suspicious around the house. Sharda prays God for Surya’s safety. Later Pankaj wonders how Mansi got to know that Surya didn’t go to London. He thinks he’s missing something important and decides to solve it soon. He calls Neel and asks to meet him immediately. He sends the meeting location to Neel.

Anu reaches the restaurant where she has planned to meet Surya. She has brought a small plan with her. She waits for Surya. She looks at her mobile and wonders why Surya hasn’t yet come.

The episode ends.