Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 18th February 2021 Written Update: Surya gets to know about Meera’s plan to get Annammal’s land

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 18th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sam looking for Surya. She finds him in the garden. Sam goes to him. She starts talking with him. Surya teases her saying he hasn’t heard her as he was listening to the music. Narayanan comes there. He reveals that Surya’s bluetooth doesn’t have charge and gives the charger to him.

Sam gets annoyed with him. Just then Chandru comes and praises her. Sam gets glad and hugs him in order to irritate Surya. Raji, who is going from that side, notices them. She gets glad and leaves. Surya stops Sam from going. He hugs her and praises her. Sam is elated. Jayanthi sees this and thinks of getting Sam married to Surya very soon. Jayanthi and Raji speaks about their son’s marriage to their respective husbands. Then they come to talk to Annammal. Saradha says Annammal is in the puja.

Jayanthi says Sam loves Surya, she saw them hugging each other while Raji says Sam loves Chandru, she saw them hugging each other. Raji and Jayanthi starts arguing. Narayanan calls Sam to solve the confusion. Sam says she hugged both of them, she would’ve done the same with anyone who would’ve praised her. Raji and Jayanthi look shocked.

Krishna family come to Annammal’s house. Sam introduces Anu as her friend and Pushba as Anu’s mom. Annammal asks Sundaram to prepare for the lunch. Sam finds Srinivasan tensed and wonders if there’s any problem. Annammal tells Krishna’s family about the construction of memorial for her husband.

Later, Padma asks Annammal their family land. Annammal and Surya get shocked hearing this. Annammal says that’s her grandfather’s land and they’re thinking of constructing his memorial there. Padma asks if she can’t have her grandfather’s land. Annammal asks if her father-in-law forced her to ask for the land. Padma admits it. Annammal goes to Krishna and questions him why he wants their family land.

Krishna asks why she couldn’t give Padma that land. Annammal says she can give them anything else than that land. Krishna firmly says he wants that land to which Annammal refuses. Krishna says then Padma is not anymore their daughter-in-law shocking everyone. Annammal refuses to sacrifice her pride by giving them their family land. Krishna is also adamant in his decision. Surya makes a step forward to teach Krishna a lesson, but Anu stops him. Srinivasan also obeys to his father’s words and asks Padma to convince Annammal. They walk away leaving Padma there. Annammal finds something is fishy and orders Surya to find out what’s the matter.

Surya goes to Mayil and slaps him. Surya asks Mayil if he talked to Krishna regarding the land. He beats him with a wooden stick. Mayil tells him about Meera and their plan to sell the land to Surya Prakash’s company. Sam and Anu are consoling a heartbroken Padma. Sam says she couldn’t believe that Srinivasan supported his dad, letting down his wife. Padma asks them to leave her alone. Annammal and the family members are discussing about the recent happenings.

Just then Surya comes there. He says Prakash groups of company are responsible for what happened. Their company employee, Meera met Mayil and Krishna regarding the land matter. Anu, Surya Prakash and Pushba look shocked hearing this. Surya speaks ill of Surya Prakash. Annammal gets furious and asks Surya to get a stay order in court against that company so that they can never open any factory in Vellore.

The episode ends.