Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 18th January 2021 Written Update: Surya tries to talk to Anu at the temple

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 18th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Surya visiting with his mom the temple where Anu is already present. The priest welcomes Sharda. Surya gets stunned noticing Anu. The latter also notices Surya. She hides behind the pillar. Surya thinks he’s the belief that destiny will make them meet have come true. Surya asks Sharda to go.

Anu wonders what Surya is doing here. She runs away seeing Surya coming towards her. Surya is looking for Anu. The latter tries to avoid him, but ends up bumping into it him. The vermilion in the puja plate falls covering her face in it. Anu tries to run away. Surya helds her wrist. Anu tries to release her hand from his grip in the process she leaves her bangle and runs away.

Sharda notices a girl (Anu) running passing her. She looks at the way the girl went feeling strange. Surya sees Sharda standing looking in front of her. He asks her what happened. She says she is feeling strange and inexplicable happiness in her heart. She thanks him for agreeing to visit the temple. She further tells God fulfilled her prayer. She then tells Devi made him come to the temple. Surya agrees with her which suprises Surya. The latter tells he completely believes whatever asked with pure heart will get fulfilled.

Anu realizes her bangle is with Surya. She wonders what to do now. She leaves. Shantha, a colony resident tells Pushba about a puja organized at Ranjini’s place and everyone were discussing about Anu losing her job. Yamuna tells this will be the consequences of having friendship with rich people. Pushba argues with Shantha.

The same day night, Surya is thinking about Anu while looking at Anu’s bangle. He tells the destiny wants to unite them so Anu can’t go away even if she wants to go away from him. Ramya meets Anu. She tells she’s repeating the same mistake again and again. She asks Anu to phone Surya and asks him what he wanted to say that day. Anu phones Surya. She asks him to give straight an answer to her question.

She asks what he wanted to say. Surya, who was disappointed with her, asks what’s the point of asking this question now when she had already assumed what he wanted to say. Anu feels bad and requests him to say if what she had told and what he wanted to say are same or he wanted to say something else and she was too hasty while making decision. Surya agrees with her. When Surya begins to tell about what he wants to say, Anu cuts the call on seeing her dad. Subu asks to come inside and leaves.

Surya thinks Anu is a tubelight that she toom two days to realize this. He then thinks he should thank his mom for taking him to the temple else he wouldn’t have met her. Sharda comes there to say good night to Surya. She finds him happy. Surya thanks Sharda. The latter tells she should thank him for accepting to come to the temple and leaves. Surya thinks looking at the bangle that Anu and Surya are destined to together and no one can change this.

The episode ends.