Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 18th November 2020 Written Update: Surya and Anu spend quality time together

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 18th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu coming to meet Surya at the restaurant. She wonders why Surya hasn’t come yet, if he forgot their meeting. She then tells to herself Surya will definitely come as he has given his words to her. Surya is on the way. At the restaurant, Anu is waiting for Surya. She starts worrying. She then reassures herself saying the one who had made long route to visit her before going to London, will definitely come here to meet her.

Neel meets Pankaj. Neel asks Pankaj when Surya will return from London. When Pankaj glares at him, Neel shows a file saying he wants to get Sir’s signature on it. If he doesn’t want to tell him about Surya’s whereabouts, he can himself get Surya’s sign on it, when the latter will return. Pankaj says he can get the sign after Surya’s return. Pankaj questions Neel if he has visited Surya’s house. Neel says he has gone as Mansi had called him. He lies he asked Anu to accompany him, but she refused. Pankaj asks him to leave.

Surya reaches the restaurant. He stands behind Anu saying her order is ready. Anu angrily turns saying she doesn’t order anything. She is delighted seeing Surya in front of her.

Pankaj returns back home. He searches for Surya. He finds the pizza delivery person in a room with his hands and legs tied up.

Anu says why he has disguised like this. She can’t identify him. Surya comes closer to her and teases her saying he’s not Surya Prakash. He’s disguised as Surya in order to kidnap her. Anu asks to kidnap her, as she’s sad without seeing Surya. She asks to leave her in Surya’s hand. Surya smiles looking at her. Anu says she was always thinking about him, but he did not even text her inspite of being at Chennai. She even thought to ask Pankaj about him.

Surya asks if she asked Pankaj. Anu says no she then dropped that idea. Surya feels relieved. Anu adds no one knows that he didn’t go to London except Neel, which shocks Surya. Anu asks why he didn’t go to London. Surya says because of her. Both share a smile. Anu apologizes to Surya. Surya asks for what. Anu replies she felt like asking sorry. Surya thanks Anu. The latter says smiling she doesn’t want to know the reason.

The both sit around a table. Surya says if he’s here because of her. Anu apologizes to Surya for asking him to meet her in such a small restaurant. Surya says he likes the ambiance of the restaurant, which is nice. Anu asks if he missed her. Surya says yes. He asks if she didn’t miss him. Anu says she felt like he wants to meet her so that she arranged for their meeting. Surya asks if she read his heart. Anu is about to tell that she heard hi love confession, but stops in the middle. When Anu and Surya are spending some more time, a sniper is shown aiming at Surya. The sniper informs Surendar that the target is fixed. He tells a 20 years girl is with Surya. Surendar asks to wait for his order.

Pushba meets Swamiyadi on her way to the textile shop. Swamiyadi asks Pushba to be more alert and keep her daughter Anu safe. Pushba is unable to understand her puzzling words.

Surendar calls Pankaj. He says he has targeted a bird that’s flying high on the sky. He mocks saying his friend like a small boy is behind a small girl. He says to check his phone as he has sent a picture. He warns saying he’s going to shoot a bird and asks to collect it. Pankaj gets furious seeing Surya and Anu’s picture sent by Surendar.

The episode ends.