Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 19th January 2021 Written Update: Surya visits Anu

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 19th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Subu questioning Anu whom you’re talking with in phone call. Anu lies that she was talking with a Ramya’s friend regarding her interview. Subu keeps questioning her. Pushba asks Subu not to bother Anu who is already sad. She blames Subu.

The latter tells a customer told there’s a walking interview tomorrow and gave his number. He asks her to attend that interview. He assures Pushba that Anu will get that job. Anu thinks she always gave preference for her dad’s happiness but this time she couldn’t. She wonders how to phone Surya. Pushba asks her to sleep.

The next day Surya is looking at Anu’s bangle. He thinks of retuning the bangle. He thinks Anu always wanted him to speak what’s in his heart but when he was ready to express his feelings, she didn’t let him speak. He decides to put a full stop for this confusion. Anu gets ready for her interview. She wears her bangle and looks at her other hand which is empty. She asks how Surya correctly came to the same temple. She thinks maybe this’s called the destiny. She misses Surya and wonders when she will meet him again.

Surya visits Anu’s house. Ragupathi notices Surya. He phones Subu to tell this and taunts him. Anu gets elated on seeing Surya. The latter asks about Anu’s parents. Anu tells they went out. Surya notices she got ready to go for an interview. He tells they will do a mock interview. He asks Anu few questions and she answers them. He asks during a challenging situation weather she will follow her heart or her mind. Anu without any hesitation tells she will follow her heart. Surya says if he’s the interviewer, he will appoint her immediately but unfortunately she’s going for some other company’s interview. He gives her bangle.

Anu asks if he has come just to return her bangle. Surya tells there’s one more reason. Ragupathi phones Subu and tells about Surya’s visit and taunts him. Anu asks Surya what’s that reason. Surya tells he took a descion after a long meditation. He further tells she and her parents are free to accept his decision or refuse but he will express what’s in his heart.

Anu asks what’s his talking about. Surya admits he took longtime to decide it but he has his own reasons for it. Before he tells his decision, he gives her bangle. Anu forwards her hand signing him to make her wear the bangle. The both share a romantic moment. Just then Subu comes there. Surya leaves Anu’s hand on seeing Subu. The latter asks Surya the reason for his visit. Pushba comes back from market. She gets happy on seeing Surya. Subu scolds Pushba for leaving Anu alone.

The episode ends.