Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 19th October 2020 Written Update: Neel helps Pushba

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 19th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Surya entering the office along with Meera. He notices Anu’s desk empty and questions Meera if Anu did not come office. Meera says she is on leave. She further says as decided in the meeting with traffic police, she implemented from this month the decision of giving leave to the employees in the mid-week in order to reduce the traffic. Surya asks to conduct another meeting with traffic police to discuss the results. Surya takes his phone to call Anu, but changes his mind.

Pushba sees Shanta throwing trashes outside and reprimands her. Ragupathi stops Pushba and ridicules her. Subu supports Pushba and gives a befitting reply to Rajadurai. Later Pushba goes to corporation office to lodge a complaint to clean the trashes accumulated in their colony. The officer questions the relation between her and Subu and asks to bring marriage certificate to prove that they are husband and wife and says then only he will take action on her complaint.

The officer sees someone recording everything and asks him to stop taking video. Neel comes forward saying he is live telecasting everything via facebook live and asks him to continue. The officer gets scared and agrees to send trash truck to clean the trashes from her colony. Pushba thanks Neel for his help and takes leave.

Ramya stops Anu, who is wandering on the road lost in her thoughts and questions what she is doing here. Anu says she doesn’t know and asks Ramya if Surya will also feel like her. He stopped her from going to Bangalore. He gave her leave today, but he did not even call her once. She is certain that he will find an excuse to call her before the evening.

When they turn to leave, they find a tantric standing in front of them. He says they are playing hide seek and he will come searching for her, since the equation isn’t yet happend. He asks her to go home and warns to be caution. Anu looks on confused as she does not understand what the man want to convey.

Neel drops Pushba at her colony. She expresses her gratitude to Neel and invites him to her house. In the office Surya recalls Anu asking if both of them didn’t lose, who had lost in the challenge, then Anu telling she feels safe when he is with her, he confessing his love for Anu. The peon places his lunch on the table and leaves. Meera asks Surya to have his lunch and informs his mom had asked him to call her.

Pankaj praises Meera for her dedication towards her work and asks to call his mom after lunch. When Surya asks Pankaj to have lunch with him, the latter says he will have with Meera. Surya tries to stop him, but Pankaj leaves. Surya wonders if he is going away from Pankaj and Meera, who care for him. He questions himself if he had became so weak, that he can’t stay even one day without seeing Anu. He thinks this not good for him.

The episode ends.