Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 1st December 2020 Written Update: Sharda praises Anu

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 1st December 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Chandra receiving the calender of the year. He likes the design. He shows the calendar to Sharda who also gets impressed with the calendar design idea. Chandra gives Anu the credit. Surya also comes and sees the calendar. Sharda praises Anu. She says Anu had brought lot of good changes in their office. She complains to Surya that he isn’t bringing Anu to their home. Surya says he will bring her. He adds Anu is behind the idea of 8 rs recharge and also she is the reason for Devanandhi sarees new color. Surya then get lost in his thoughts.

Pushba has sent one bodyguard to fill water from the tap. The colony women wonder who he’s and questions him about the same. Bodyguard says he is from Pushba house. The women speak to themselves that Pushba is lucky to get people who can help her.

Anu gets ready to go to college. She prays to God that she should get good result in her college exam as well as her love exam. The bodyguard brings water. She sends him back to fill water. She asks another body guard to clean the spider webs on the ceiling as she has back pain.

Anu and Ramya have just finished their exam. They were walking discussing about the exam. The bodyguards follow them. Anu and Ramya get annoyed. Ramya says they don’t have any privacy as the gaurds are keep following them. She urges Anu to tell them not to follow them everywhere. Anu requests the bodyguards to wait outside the college to which the bodyguards says Surya asked them to follow her like a shadow.

Anu and Ramya are going back home in Surya’s car. Anu says to Ramya she’s unable to talk to anyone freely with the bodyguards around her and she doesn’t understand how to tell the same to Surya. Just then she receives Surya’s call. Surya asks how her exam went. She says she did well. Anu asks Surya if it’s necessary to have bodyguards around her. She says feels uneasy and not able to talk to anyone properly. Surya asks her to adjust some more time. He adds he has a surprise for her, if she does her exams well. Anu asks what’s the surprise is, but he says can’t reveal the surprise. Anu shares with Ramya about her conversation with Surya. Ramya teases Anu. She says she’s very lucky.

The same day evening, subu goes to toilet outside of the house as there’s a blockage in their toilet. Bodyguard follows him. Subu gets annoyed. One of the colony resident comes to talk with Subu. The bodyguard tries to attack him, but Subu stops him. Subu tells to that person that the bodyguard is from Anu’s office.

Anu is studying in the terrace. She gets irritated with the presence of bodyguard around her. When Ramya comes there, Anu shouts at her asking why she’s late. Ramya asks her what happened. Anu takes Ramya to a corner. Bodyguard follows her. Anu requests the bodyguard to go stand otherside as she is getting disturbed. Ramya questions what she did with the mystery note. Anu says she doesn’t remember. She must have thrown it. They start discussing about the study. Then Ramya asks how that note would have landed in her bag. Anu says she doesn’t but she isn’t affraid of anything or anyone untill Surya is with her.

The episode ends.