Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 1st March 2021 Written Update: Anu trusts Surya

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 1st March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meera proposing Surya. She goes closer to him and tries to touch his face, but his moves his face away from her hand. Just then Anu comes there and hears Meera’s love confession. Surya and Meera notice Anu. The latter leaves from there. Surya goes after her. He stops her and explains her saying he doesn’t expect that Meera will propse him, he was stunned that he didn’t even know how to react, he never felt that way for her.

Anu says he should explain all this to Meera, she must be waiting for him with lot of questions and adds that she knows him very well and trusts him. She asks him to explain to Meera slowly but clearly that he only has respect for her, and not love. Surya goes to talk to Meera.

Surya says to Meera that he never imagined that they will be in such situation, he understands that she’s disappointed, but he needs clearly right now. He says he likes and respects her a lot, but it’s not love and adds that there could be only professional relationships between them and nothing more. Meera gets shocked and cries hard. He advices her to forget everything and assures he will be always a good colleague for her. He offers his handkerchief to her and leaves from there.

Pushba visits Ragupathi. She gives the snacks that she made, to Sambath. The latter gets excited seeing the snacks and happily takes it. Pushba says she has made snacks to celebrate Anu being promoted in her office and invites for the party that they’re organizing at the home. She calls Sambath with his full name and invites him specially. She takes their leave.

Meera is seen crying. Pankaj comes to her and tries to console her. Meera asks him whether he’s on her side or Anu’s side. Pankaj says he’s on Surya’s side. He asks Meera to be ready to see changes in the office as well as in Surya.

Meera asks him to say clearly whatever he wants to say. Pankaj says she can see Surya talking with Anu anytime and their love can go to the next level. He wishes that her parents learns about Surya and Anu’s love matter. As none parents would like to get their daughter married to a 40 years old man, Anu’s parents will reject their love. Meera asks what if they accept it to which Pankaj sarcastically says then they should attend their wedding and bless them. Meera shouts no.

Surya and Anu are having a friendly talk. Anu receives Subu’s call. He asks her to come home early as her mom is organizing a party for her. Anu informs the same to Surya. The latter asks if she will not invite him. Anu says that she doesn’t know how her parents will react, if he attends the party, and also it’s a small party, where only the colony people will be present and they will gossip about different topics, he may not feel comfortable there. Surya nods ok. Anu takes his leave.

The episode ends.