Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 20th January 2021 Written Update: Anu accepts Surya’s offer

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 20th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Subu scolding Pushba for going to the market leaving Anu alone. Subu taunts Surya. Surya tells he respects his feelings but Anu should give 3 months notice period before she leaves else she has to pay 3 months salary to the company. Subu asks Anu if it’s true to which Anu agrees.

Pushba scolds Subu. Surya requests her to let him finish. He tells Devanandhini unit achieved lotvof profits because of Anu so he wanted make it a separate unit and appoint Anu as its head. He adds if Anu returns to the office as Devanandhini head, it will automatically prove Anu is innocent. He feels this is the best way than giving an apology letter. He leaves the descion on Anu’s parents. Pushba and Anu get happy while Subu is uncertain.

Pushba thanks Subu and expresses her joy. Anu tells she will oblige to whatever he will decide. She will ask Pushba not to force him. Surya also agrees with Anu. Subu agrees. He tells he has accepted for Anu who made him proud saying his decision will be hers. Subu then apology to Surya. The latter takes leave.

At the office, Pankaj tells Meera hasn’t come to the office since two days and he’s not all bothering about it. Surya tells Meera will return when she will realize her mistakes. Pankaj insists Surya to phone Meera as she had work hard for this company forgetting her own family. Surya tells he doesn’t underestimate her work but he can’t accept the injustice happened with Anu and her family. Pankaj tells he already scolded her for what happened, why he can’t forget it.

Surya ingores his words. He tells he has good news for him. he tells that Anu accepted to rejoin the company. Pankaj asks he can do anything to bring back Anuq but he can’t make a call to bring Meera back. Surya tells Anu has faced lot of humiliation because of them yet she agreed to join again. He further tells she is joining office as Devanandhini sarees chief head. Pankaj gets shocked. Surya leaves.

Pankaj phones Meera. He asks Meera to return to the office leaving her stubbornness. He tells he’s scared that she will never be able to return if she doesn’t return now. Meera refuses to return without Surya calls her back. Later Pankaj thinking about how he’s going to sort out everything. The same night, Surya informs Chandra that he decided to appoint Anu as Devanandhini sarees unit head and asks his opinion. Chandra happily agrees as Anu is the deserving candidate for this post.

The episode ends.