Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 21st April 2021 Written Update: Pankaj asks Surya to stop Anu from visiting the old factory

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 21st April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu seeing a dream in which Surya asks her to come to him. Anu wakes up shouting she’s coming. The morning, Anu, Ramya and Sambath are trying to find out the location of Devanandhini’s old factory in the Google map. However they can’t find it in Google map. Anu remembers that she saw a theater name which is located nearby the factory on the notebook. They try using the theater name and finds the area where its located yet they can get the exact location. Anu decides to that area and enquire. Anu asks Ramya and Sambath to accompany her. Ramya hesitates, but Sambath convinces her. Anu is excited to see Devanandhini’s old factory.

Other side, Pankaj tells Surya that the man, who causing problems in the Devanandhini’s old factory land, has connection with Surrender. Surya asks if that man has any hidden intentions than earning money to which Pankaj says no. Surya then asks Pankaj to settle the problem giving money to him. Pankaj agrees. Pankaj then says that Anu wants to visit that factory and asks Surya to somehow stop Anu. Their conversation was interrupted by Sharda’s arrival. Sharda asks about factory visit. Surya covers the matter up saying Pankaj is gaining weight, so he asked to visit all the factories. The trio have a fun filled conversation. Sharda leaves. Surya tells Pankaj that Anu is adamant to visit the factory because she’s curious. Pankaj advises Surya to strictly refuse Anu. However Surya says that later or sooner Anu has to visit that factory, so he decides to talk to Anu today itself. Pankaj encourages Surya to talk to Anu which surprises Surya. Pankaj says that Surya should talk to Anu so that there will be a full stop for this problem. He walks away.

Sambath, Ramya and Anu get ready to leave to find Devanandhini sarees old factory. Ragupathi comes there and enquire where they’re going. Sambath blabbers that they’re going to the theater, but then covers it up saying they’re going for an operation theater. Sambath drives off the scooty with Anu and Ramya.

Ragupathi and Ranjini discuss how Ramya and Sambath getting spoiled because of Anu. Ragupathi phones Meera and asks her to help him get Devanandhini dealership. He tells about meeting Mansi, who had come following Surya. He threatens Meera and says that if she can’t give the dealership, he will ask Mansi. Meera asks him to contact Mansi then and cuts the call.

Meera phones Mansi to get her account details. Mansi taunts Meera saying that she’s very dedicated towards the word. Meera taunts her back saying that Mansi is also very dedicated and tells about Mansi following Surya. Mansi gets shocked hearing Meera. She wonders how Meera got to know about and concludes that Ragupathi might’ve informed Meera.

At the office, Meera gives Surya his health report card and says that he’s fine. Surya says that he knows to take care of himself and his family is there to care for him well and asks Meera to look after her health. Meera takes his leave.

Pankaj comes to Surya and gives him a pendrive which contains and asks him to watch them to understand the current generation mindset and update himself. FM brings tea for Surya. Surya asks FM to call Anu. FM tells that Anu didn’t come to the office which surprises Surya.

The episode ends.