Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 21st January 2021 Written Update: Pankaj and Surya have a heated conversation

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 21st January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chandra telling that he was feeling guilty for involving Anu in the tender but now he feels relieved. Surya tells then he will mail Anu the appointment order. He asks not to tell about this to their mom. Her birthday is approaching they will suprise her by introducing Anu. Chandra says super idea and asks to order a pizza for him. Surya decides to do a midnight pizza party.

Anu is tensely waiting for her aunt, Poorni. She has asked to bring a printed copy of her appointment order while returning from hospital. Just then Poorni comes back home and gives the printed copy to Anu, who excitedly read it again. Poorni praises Surya. Anu asks Subu’s permission to go to the office tomorrow as she has to sign in the appointment order. As Subu remains silent, Pushba asks he accepted Surya’s offer then what he’s still thinking. Poorni tells Anu is lucky along with talented so Surya has come himself to give the appointment letter. Pushba agrees with Poorni and balmes Subu for rejecting all the good opportunities that Anu got. Subu gets emotional and talks about the responsibility of parents. Subu further tells he can’t bear Anu’s insult. Anu becomes teary eyes and hugs her dad. Subu tells if she’s confident that her self respect will not get hurt again, she can go to the office, he doesn’t have any objection. Poorni asks to serve the dinner. Pushba asks her to wait till she prepares kesari to celebrate.

At Surya’s house, Chandra, Mansi and Sharda are sitting at the dinner table waiting Surya. Chandra is pulling Mansi’s leg. Surya joins them. He receives Anu’s call. Sharda asks him not to use phone while eating. She asks who’s calling him at this time. Chandra tells it could be an important and asks Shadra to let Surya attend the call. Sharda tells if he got married, his wife would definitely tell him to attend the call after diner. Surya walks away to answer the call.

Anu asks Surya if he had dinner. Surya tells he just sat to have dinner. Anu apologizes to disturb him. She asks him to have the dinner first. Surya smiles recalling Sharda’s words. Anu sweetly reprimands Surya and asks not receives any calls while eating. Surya tells nothing is important for him than to talk to her. He asks if she had dinner. Anu says she’s waiting for kesari. Their habit to celebrate any good news with kesari. Surya teases Anu. The latter expresses her desire to sign the appointment order in front of him. She requests him to let her sign in front of him. Surya agrees. Anu tells today she got two surprises one is the promotion letter another one… Surya tells bangle.

Surya asks Pankaj about Meera. Pankaj taunts Surya. He asks if he was in coma since three days that he didn’t pay any attention when he talked about Meera. Pankaj taunts him with Anu. Surya asks Pankaj what he wants to do. Pankaj asks Surya to call Meera. Surya tells he’s ready to forget what happened but he couldn’t forgive her nor he can call her. Surya asks Pankaj to call Meera. Pankaj phones Meera but she doesn’t answer the call. Pankaj tells Meera is hurt and asks to leave his stubbornness. He calls Surya selfish and says he will not talk to him about Meera again. He leaves. Surya remembers Meera’s work. He phones Meera but she doesn’t answer his call as well. Surya thinks this is the first time Meera doesn’t answer his call.

The episode ends.