Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 21st November 2020 Written Update: Surya gets kidnapped

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 21st November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu telling Surya that she will be waiting for the moment where he will express his feelings. She says bye and starts walking towards her college. Surya calls ‘Anu’. He says helmet.   Surya helps Anu to remove the helmet from her head. The both share a romantic look. Anu leaves waving bye to Surya. The latter recalls smiling Anu’s words. Suddenly few men hold Surya from back and make him unconscious placing chloroform on his nose. Then they take Surya in a van.

Pushba is trying to sell sarees to the customers. The two ladies see different sarees but they leave the shop without buying anything. Pushba gets tired. She realises Subu’s work isn’t easy. When it’s 5 o’clock, Pushba leaves for home. While ģoing back, Pushba spots Ramya. She questions her Where’s Anu. Ramya lies Anu went to see a friend who got an accident. When Pushba keeps asking questions, Ramya is unable to answer properly and blabbers something and runs away. Pushba wonders what happened to Ramya.

At the colony, Subu is waiting to fill water from the tap. The colony women fool Subu saying they have some important work at home and ask to let them to fill the water first. Subu also let everyone fill the water. When Subu’s turn comes, the water gets over. Subu realizes it’s not easy to fill water and Pushba is great to fill water for different purposes like cooking, washing clothes etc.

Anu is in the terrace smiling. She reminisces all the moments that she has spent with Surya today. Otherside Subu is cooking. He tastes the curry that’s he’s making. He realizes he forgot to add salt. Subu says to himself how Pushba be able to handle all household works alone without complaining. He tells he can’t do all these household works, only Pushba can do.

Ramya comes to the terrace. She asks Anu  to tell what happened when she met Surya. Anu says that was a beautiful and sweet moment spent with Surya. She remembers everything smiling. She then happily hugs Ramya and twirls. She complaints to Ramya that she interrupted their moment by calling her. Ramya apologizes to Anu.

 The latter says if she hadn’t called, Surya would have dropped her off at college. Ramya asks if she wore helmet which irritates Anu. The latter continues to narrate what happened. She says she doesn’t have conscious of anything, she felt like walking in the heaven. When Surya dropped her at the college, he advised her to focus on her studies. He cares a lot for her studies.

Then she says Surya liked the Jasmine plant that she had gifted him. He said he will express his feelings when the first flower will bloom. Ramya says Surya will soon tell her ‘I love you’. Then Ramya tells about meeting her mom and lying to her.

Anu worries for lying to her parents. Later the both discuss about Subu, Pushba and their challenge. When Ramya says Subu and Pushba are made for each other, Anu asks if She and Surya will be like her parents, made for each other.

The episode ends.