Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 22nd October 2020 Written Update: Sharda wishes to meet Anu

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 22nd October 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Subu telling to Pushba that the food ordered by Neel was delicious and they should have outside food once in a while. Pushba sees Anu pouring lot of water in dough and brings her out of her thoughts by screaming her name. Subu asks Pushba not to scream and says they can order food from online for dinner.

Pushba scolds Subu and asks Anu to pour the extra water. Subu says he supports Neel, who prefers online food while Pushba says she supports Surya, who prefer homemade food. When Subu asks Anu whom she supports, Anu surprises her parents by taking Pushba’s side. The latter gets happy while Subu is thoughtful.

At Surya’s mansion, Sharda and Surya are discussing. Sharda tells Surya that she was waiting for him to give the prasadam, but he didn’t come. Surya says he got the prasadam and tells Anu giving him prasadam in office. He further adds he never received any prasadam from his staff maybe they fear to give him as he is their boss, but Anu expresses what she has in mind without any hesitation.

Sharda tells she feels like she knows Anu, every time he talks about her and she gets an inexplicable joy, every time he takes her name. She tells her desire to meet Anu. Surya says she is innocent and he feels she has some power. Sharda talks about the girl (Anu) she had met in the temple and tells that girl was beautiful and when she touched her feet to take the blessing, she felt she belongs to our family. She further tells that day she had peaceful sleep and saw that girl in her dream. She tells that Swamiyadi had prophesied that a girl who will heal their wonds will enter their life.

Surya understood Sharda refers to his marriage and asks her to go and sleep. Shardha requests to meet. Surya assures Sharda that he will bring Anu. When Sharda asks why he suddenly changed his mind and came to the temple, Surya says he doesn’t know, but suddenly he felt the urge to the temple.Sharda tells she is happy that he had come and goes to sleep.

Anu is doing the dishes thinking of texting a sorry message to Surya for talking about Neel to him. She gets Surya’s call and tells him she was thinking about him and he called her. Surya tells Anu to apply for passport. When Anu questions why she needs a passport, Surya tells she will get to know about it next day and cuts the call.

Next day morning Subu asks Pushba where’s Anu and tells she wanted to talk to him regarding passport. Pushba tells she has gone office earlier as she has some work. Pushba and Subu wonders why Anu needs to know about passport.

The cleaning staffs come to the colony to clean the trashes. Raghupathi gets furious as if the trashes get cleaned, Pushba will be given the credit, so he picks up a fight with the cleaning staffs. When the cleaning staffs get angry and leave, Pushba tries to stop them in vain.

The episode ends.