Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 23rd April 2021 Written Update: Surya is upset with Anu

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 23rd April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu gaining consciousness. She gets shocked on seeing Surya. Surya says that he’s not a super hero to save her every time that she’s in trouble. Anu says that he’s a superhero for her and says that he had called her there. Surya looks puzzled. Anu holds her head feeling pain. she says again that he called her there. Surya remains quiet. Anu gets upset and asks why he comes to save her when he doesn’t want to talk with her. Pankaj wonders what Anu is blabbering.

Ragupathi phones Mansi. She cuts the call. He phones her again. Mansi attends the call. Ragupathi reminds her that he asked her for a favor the other day. He further says that Meera told him that Mansi has big heart and Meera is her cosister so she should know her well and asks Mansi to give him dealership. Mansi gets shocked and angry. She asks him to talk about it to Surya and cuts the call.

Surya takes Anu to her home. Ragupathi notices them. Pushba asks Surya what happened to Anu.. Surya lies that Anu went for field work and got an electric shock while touching the electric fence. Poorni checks Anu. Pushba gets worried for Anu. Anu assures Pushba that she’s fine. Poorni checks Anu’s BP. Anu keeps telling Pushba that she’s fine and not to worry. Surya says that it’s obvious for a mother to get worried for her daughter. Poorni asks reprimands Anu for being careless and asks why no one alerted her about the electric fence. Anu says that she didn’t inform about her visit in the office. Surya says that there’s no any obligations for Anu to visit that place immediately. He also told her that he will take her there, but she didn’t listen to him. Pushba comolaind that Anu doesn’t listen to anyone. Surya takes their leave.

Anu comes running to Surya and stops him. Anu apologizes to Surya for not listening to him. Surya asks if she thought what will happen to him if something happens to her. Surya reprimands Anu. Anu asks why he shouts at her like this and apologizes to him again. Surya angrily asks her to go and rest. Surya spots Ramya and Sambath. He calls them and scolds them too. He says that friends should guide their friend in a correct path and should support their friend blindly in everything. He angrily asks them to go inside. The trio leaves.

Surya then notices Ragupathi. He calls him and says that he’s asking to everyone for his company’s dealership. He says that he should be honest to get his company’s dealership. Surya lectures him about honestity. Surya asks Ragupathi to do something to gain his trust then he will consider his request. Surya then warns Ragupathy that he has to deal with Pankaj if he doesn’t stop asking to everyone for dealership. Ragupathi gulps in fear recollecting Pankaj beating him and runs inside. Surya drives off.

Anu is holding the flowers that she collected in the factory and wonders why Surya hates this flower. She says that she doesn’t want the flowers that Surya hates and throws it outside outside of the house. Swamiyadi comes there. She says that Anu is going to get married very soon and an house is going to turn an wedding venue for Anu. Pushba gets delighted hearing this while Anu looks puzzled.

The episode ends.