Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 23rd November 2020 Written Update: Swamiyadi Visits Surya’s house

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 23rd November 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Swamiyadi visiting Surya’s house. Swamiyadi says a girl with jasmine flower will enter her house. She will be a solution to all problems and will take away all the worries. She asks to welcome the girl with open heart. Sharda gets elated hearing Swamiyadi.

In Swamikannu colony, Subu and Pushba sits to have diner prepared by Subu. They discuss about finding a good husband for Anu. Then Pushba apprises about meeting Swamiyadi on her way to the textile shop. Pushba is worried about Swamiyadi’s puzzled words. Subu says everytime Swamiyadi says something above their understanding, but whatever she says is for their betterment.

Subu says she might have talked about Anu’s marriage. They will discuss to Anu once her exams are over. Just then Anu joins them to have diner. Pushba asks Anu why she didn’t inform her about going to meet her friend in hospital. Anu lies it’s a big story, she will narrate it later. She diverts the topic saying she’s starving.

 Subu says he cooked today and asks Anu how it’s. Anu appreciates Subu’s cook which annoys Pushba. The latter also tastes the food and finds it delicious but lies it’s moderate. Anu and Subu teases Pushba. Anu reminisces Surya feeding her and smiles blushing.

Otherside Pankaj and Surya are continuing their discussion. Pankaj expresses his fear of losing Surya. He gets emotional. He says if he had come one second late, the sniper would have shoot him. Surrendar is a bloodthirsty woof, who won’t understand his love and all. Pankaj requests Surya not to repeat his act. Surya says they should make that woof understand in his own language, rather than running away and hiding.

Surya suprises Pankaj saying he knew that the sniper was aiming at him then at Anu. A flashback shown where Surya noticed the sniper, who was following him. Pankaj asks then how he can calmly have fruit salads. Surya says he had complete faith on Pankaj. He has no fear as long as he’s with him. Pankaj promises that he will not let anything happen to him until he’s alive.

 Pankaj is determined to finish Surrendar at the earliest for trying to kill Surya. The latter says Surendar would have been tensed after his attempt to kill got foiled. He may thought that Pankaj and Surya have no more the same energy. He adds the Surya that he was before is still inside him and the new Surya  won’t get defeated.

Pankaj and Surya share an emotional moment. They share a friendly hug. Surya says they should face Surendar face to face and hit back. Pankaj agrees. Surya asks about the jasmine plant. Pankaj says with a smile he had kept it safe.

The episode ends.