Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 23rd October 2020 Written Update: Pankaj mocks Meera

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 23rd October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Surya having breakfast with his family. When Chandra’s phone rings, Mansi tells him no phone while eating. When Mansi checks her phone, Chandra repeats Mansi words. Surya is amused and asks Sharda what it’s. The latter tells that she had implemented a new rule that they shouldn’t use mobile while eating. Surya appreciates it and tells when we are with our family and our friends we should spend time with them instead of looking at the phone.

Anu comes office and finds the office empty and realises she came earlier. She takes the rose that Sambath gave her from the bag and starts praying to Vinayegar. Neels, who comes office, thinks the rose is for him and takes from Anu’s hand thanking her. Meera comes office and smirks seeing Neel and Anu speaking. She goes to them and appreciates their dedication towards the work and jokes saying coming office so early is little too much. Other staffs also come office and see Neel, Meera and Anu discussing. They discuss the trio came office earlier if there’s any meeting. They greet Meera. Shankaran asks Anu why she came office early. Swapna jokes saying that it’s all due to Neel. Surya comes there and greets his staff. Meera tells to Surya that Anu, Neel came to office early today and that’s the topic of the day which annoys Surya. The latter asks to speak and leaves.

Surya and Anu are having juice sitting in the cantine. Surya tells Anu that she is accompanying him to the world trade conference that is taking place in London. Anu tells that she doesn’t have the passport. Surya says not to worry he will ask Pankaj to care of it. Anu asks why he is taking her to London when there are more experienced employees in the office. Surya says she has worked hard to get this opportunity and congratulates her. Anu thanks Surya. They both drink the juice looking at each other smiling. Meera and Pankaj sees them. Meera tells Surya never came to the cantine before. Pankaj says he can see the change in Surya, Anu’s relationship.

Pushba and the colony residents are discussing about the steps to take to clean the trashes, as the cleaning staff left without cleaning. Pushba blames Ragupathi for raising a ruckus with the cleaning staff. Ragupathi defends that he spoke on behalf of all them, when the cleaning staff asked to give money. He tells he will talk to the office on in charge and if he doesn’t take any action then they will protest. Everyone agrees with him.

Otherside Pankaj teases Meera saying that Anu, who is a middle class, inexperienced girl is going to London and they should appreciate her by publishing a congratulations note on newspapers. Meera gets frustrated. Pankaj tells she is responsible for this situation, if she hadn’t lied Surya, they wouldn’t be running for applying passport or booking ticket for Anu. Meera agrees that her plan gone wrong and tells that both of us got humiliated bcos of Anu and asks him to think a plan to stop Anu from going to London.

When the senior staff Yamuna gets to know that Anu is going for the business trip, she says Anu doesn’t deserve it as she doesn’t even compelete her studies. Shankaran supports Anu saying she is talented and contributed to the company with her innovative ideas. Later Neels gives a bouquet to Anu and congratulates her for her business trip. The other employees look unhappy. Surya comes there and questions why they all are so quiet. Neels says that the staff doesn’t like Anu going to London, as they all like Anu and going to miss her. Surya gets irritated when Neel says even he started like Anu.

At Anu’s house, Subu tells to Pushba that he is worried for Anu, her behavior has changed since the cancellation of transfer. Pushba agrees with him.

The episode ends.