Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 24th October 2020 Written Update: Subu is worried about Anu

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 24th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Subu expressing his worry about Anu to Pushba. He tells Anu is acting strange since the cancellation of her transfer. Pushba agrees with Subu. Since they have visited the temple, Anu doesn’t get any nightmares, but she is always lost somewhere in her thoughts. Subu worries about Anu’s semester exams. Pushba reassures him saying Anu will score good marks. They receives Anu’s call, who informs them about her trip to London with Surya. Pusba gets happy while Subu worries how Anu will write exams if both her exams and London trip fall on same date.

Anu returns from office and meets Ramya. She shares about her trip to London along with Surya with her friend, who congratulates her. Ramya teases her asking if Surya also coming. Anu is uncertain if she can be helpful to Surya and do her works correctly. Ramya reassures her saying that Surya knows that she is talented so only he has chosen her and asks to enjoy her trip. Ramya suddenly remembers and tells that their exam hall tickets are released. Anu worries about exam preparation and what to do if the exam date and the trip date are same. Ramya reassures her.

Same night at Surya’s mansion, the latter reminisces smiling the moment spent with Anu. When Shardha asks to share the reason for his joy with her, Surya says there’s nothing like that and changes the topic. Sharda reproaches about Chandra, Mansi being always on their phone and worries about their relationship. She asks Surya to think about loving the life and goes to sleep.

The next day in office Neel invites Pankaj to be part of the potluck party that he has organized for Anu. Pankaj refuses to participate in the party saying he has some work. All the employees are sitting in the cantine enjoying Neel playing the guitare. Pankaj comes there and observes them. Neel says that he dedicates this potluck party and the song that he is going to play for Anu. He asks which song she wants him to play. When Anu is unable to choose a song, Neel tells he will play his favorite song. He starts playing the song Kannalane while singing the same song. He asks Anu to sing too. She starts singing along with Neel, Swapna. Surya, who passes from that side, stops seeing Anu singing.

Swapna suggests to take a selfie and all stands up to pose for the selfie. Swapna asks Anu to come closer to Neel and capture their moment in her phone. Surya gets upset, when Swapna says Neel, Anu faces are cute. Pankaj is amused watching all the happenings. Anu and the rest of the staff sit to have lunch.

In Surya’s cabin, the latter praises Neel for becoming friendly with others employees in short span of time. He asks Pankaj about applying for Anu’s passport. The latter tells says he’s is going to Anu’s home to collect all necessary documents that requires to apply for the passport.

Anu gives some files to Swapna. Anu shares with Swapna about her fear of taking flight as this is her first time. Swapna calms her down saying it will like traveling in bus and car. Dheena is watching them. Later Dheena asks Meera if he has to follow her orders or Anu’s as the latter got the opportunity to travel for London without even completing her studies, when there are many deserving employees in the office. He further adds he feels following Anu is more correct and leaves. Meera gets frustrated.

The episode ends.