Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham and Suryavamsam Mahasagam 25th January 2021 Written Update: Anu and Samantha become friends

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 25th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Samantha packing her stuff. Jayanthi is talking with her. Surya comes there. He asks his mom where she’s going. Jayanthi tells she’s leaving for Chennai as she applied for a new passport. She persuades Surya to accompany Samantha. He agrees. They leave for Chennai. Samantha, who is angry on Surya, sits in the back seat on the pretext of not being well. During the travel, Samantha remains quiet. Surya thinks she’s very stubborn and promises to himself to make her talk to him before they come back.

Pushba, Anu and Ramya visits the temple. Anu thanks God for her promotion. Pushba tells Anu they will shop dresses for her since she got a promotion now. Anu lets she’s getting late for office. Pushba tells she’s the head there and she can go to office whenever she wants. They leave.

Surya drops Sam at the passport office and asks her to call him when her work is over. Sam leaves saying no one need to wait for her as she knows the route for the house. Surya wonders how to convince her.

Pushba, Anu and Ramya are going back home. Anu asks Pushba what’s the need to buy such costly dresses. Ramya tells it’s needed as she’s head of Devanandhini sarees. Anu isn’t convinced. Pushba tells she will handle this month budget. She’s happy that they have purchased new dresses for her. She further tells Subu asked her to shop new dresses for her and he’s overjoyed about her new job.

Surya asks sam to get into the car. Sam tells she’s US girl and knows to manage alone. She walks away. An auto passes near Pushba making her falls unconscious on the raod. Anu and Ramya get concerned and ask for water to the people gathered. Sam notices this and help Pushba by giving water. Surya who has followed sam in car, takes sam’s handbag. Sam realizes her handbag is missing and tells the same to Anu. Sam scolds Sam for being careful. Anu asks who he’s. He tells his name is Surya and introduces sam and their relation. Anu smiles on hearing Surya’s name. Surya tells sam lost her new passport. Anu decides to help them. She asks Ramya to take his mom home.

Sam sadly tells that all her important documents were in that bag. Anu suggests to register a complaint in Police station. Surya tries to stop them but Anu tells the thief should be teached a lesson. Sam tells Anu she will manage. Anu tells she will be with there untill they find her handbag. Surya checks the handbag that he placed in his car’s boot. They reach police station and they file a complaint to the constable. The constable gets irritated with them and asks them to leave. They will call them if they got any clue.

Anu tries to console an upset Anu. Surya tells he’s hungry and asks if they can go to a restaurant. Sam gets annoyed with surya. They go to a restaurant. Anu and sam become friends. Anu assures Sam that she will get her handbag very soon and phones Surya Prakash. She tells him what happened. Surya asks if her mom is fine and suggests to register a complain. Anu tells they went to police station but they didn’t take it seriously. She requests Surya to help her friend to find her lost handbag. Surya asks Anu to send a photo of the complain, he will talk to the commissioner. Surya thanks Anu for taking his help. Anu tells that Surya sir told he will talk to the Commissioner regarding this matter. Surya asks who will talk to the Commissioner for such a small thing. Anu tells her surya sir will do for her. Surya is scared of getting caught. Anu asks Sam to eat without any worry. The inspector phones Anu and tells they got the thief in the CCTV footage and will get soon. Anu tells the same to Sam and Surya. Surya imagines of getting caught.

Surya takes Anu to a corner. He tells he considers her as his sister and tells he loves Sam and she’s angry with him. She refuses to talk or come with him, so he has stolen her bag so that she will come with him without any other way. He gives Anu Sam’s handbag and seeks Anu’s help. Anu agrees. Anu phones Surya. She tells they got the bag and tells him everything. She cuts the call saying she’s coming to the office.

Anu returns Sam’s bag saying police gave her. Sam gets happy. Sam asks who’s the thief and where he’s. She wants to punch him. Anu handle the situation saying police took him to the court. Anu tells she has to leave now as today is an important day for her. Sam apologizes to Anu for troubling her. Anu and Sam exchanges their number. Anu takes their leave. Sam mocks Surya that a simple girl able to find her handbag but he can’t and leaves angrily.

Meera comes back office. She gets happy on seeing all decorations. She thinks Surya did it to welcome her. She gets shocked and angry on seeing Anu’s name plate in which it’s written Anu the head of Devanandhini sarees unit.

The episode ends.