Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 25th October 2020 Written Update: Pankaj’s plan against Anu

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 25th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Dheena asking Meera if he has to follow her orders or Anu’s as the latter got the opportunity to travel to abroad without completing her studies when there are many experienced employees. Meera gets frustrated. Otherside Swapna tells to Anu not to miss the opportunity to travel to London and reveals many does not like her getting this opportunity. She asks Anu not to bother about it all.

Meera sees Pankaj talking in phone call with someone regarding Anu’s passport and mocks him. When Pankaj talks about resigning his job, Merra gets shocked and tells neither she nor Surya will let him resign. Pankaj tells he is going to apply for Anu’s passport, but he won’t let her go to London. Meera gets happy.

Subu and Pushba meet Pankaj and give the necessary documents to apply for Anu’s passport. When Subu asks Pankaj about the London trip, the latter says Surya is going to attend a conference in London and Anu accompanying him to assist him. When Subu expresses his worry about Anu going alone to London, Pankaj says she will be safe with Surya. Pankaj tells inspite of being young, Anu got this opportunity and her colleagues are jealous of Anu’s growth. He tells to Subu not to pay attention to any gossip. Pushba agrees with Pankaj. While Pushba takes Anu’s photo from bag, Anu’s hall ticket falls down. Pankaj takes Anu’s photo and leaves. Subu picks the hall ticket and asks Pushba if Anu’s know about the hall ticket. Pushba tells Ramya gave it after Anu went to the office. She further adds there’s no need for the hall ticket since Anu is going to London. Subu says with determination that she will not go to London without writing the exams.

When Pankaj comes to his car talking with someone in phone. A begger notices Pankaj. The begger approaches Pankaj taking a brick in his hand. The begger throws the brick on Pankaj and runs away while the latter looks on confused.

Pushba wonders where’s Subu and wonders why he isn’t happy with Anu’s London trip. Otherside Subu is seen praying to the Vinayagar. He prays to save his family and recalls Pankaj words then Ragupathi talking bad about Surya.

In office, Surya asks Pankaj if he got all the necessary documents to apply for Anu’s passport. He praises Anu saying she will à successful carrier. When Pankaj says Anu is immature, Surya defends Anu saying she’s hard worker. He thanks Pankaj for his help and leaves

Pushba sees Subu sitting quiet. She asks him to get the clothes from the terrace in order to distract him. She asks him why he is disturbed since they meet Pankaj. Subu tells he doesn’t he’s feeling restless. Pushba tells he’s the strength of the family and she can’t see him broken. She asks what’s the matter. Subu lies nothing and goes to the terrace to bring the clothes.

Anu comes back from office and comes to the terrace to talk to Subu. She’s very excited and keeps talking about going to London. In excitement she doesn’t notice Subu’s dull face. The latter asks Anu why she didn’t think of getting his permission to go to London. Anu is certain that Subu will not say no to her trip to London. Subu says she’s not going to London, as she has to write exams and goes downstairs. Anu Looks on sad recalling Surya telling her about the trip to London, then Subu telling she’s not going to London.

The episode ends.