Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 27th September 2020 Written Update: Anu finds where the temple is

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 27th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Chandra and Mansi talking. The latter holds Chandra’s hand and says he is her everything and she gets angry thinking he may get into the wrong direction and apologizes to him. She says he is very genuine and she wants him to become a business tycoon like his brother Surya. She can’t take his insult. She gives him cake and Chandra feeds her pizza. She says she wants him to become a responsible man and people praise him.

Mansi wishes his all dreams come true and gifts him a coffee mug. Chandra thanks her and requests her not to get angry on him. She promises him she won’t get angry on him and hugs him saying i love you. Chandra says i love you too and apologizes to her. He lies down placing his head on Mansi’s lap and kisses the coffee mug.

Mansi caresses his hair and gets emotional. Surya and Saradha gets happy looking at them. Saradha says God heard her and wishes they should be always happy. She says they should to the temple. Surya nods. He recalls Anu’s words of not seeing each other for the next 24 hours and looks at his watch.

Meera and Pankaj discuss about Anu. Pankaj is angry on Anu. Meera tries to cool him down. Meera asks do you think Surya will meet Anu. Pankaj says he doesn’t about it, but Anu’s friend tried to make them meet. He also agrees since he wanted to show Anu’s true face to Surya, but Anu didn’t come. They have less time, they should do something. Meera says she doesn’t believe in destiny and all. Pankaj he believes and he wills Masthan Baba. Pankaj recalls Surya’s words. Anu is following her destiny blindly and they are following her without any other option.

Anu’s friend, Ramya asks Anu if she thought about what to do. If she is ready to go to Banglore. Anu says she left everything in destiny’s hand. Ramya says without courage and smartness, one couldn’t survive in this world. She asks to use her brain and think about what to do. Anu says she left her problem in God’s hand. Ramya says they should believe in themselves and not on God. swamij comes and says God asked her to come to her temple. Ramya says there is solution for her love matter.

Pushupa calls her relatives and tries to find out the snake temple. She says to Subu that they can ask Surya about the snake temple. Subu asks not to disturb Surya. Pushupa is sure that Surya knows where the snake temple is located.

Chandra asks Surya if he is angry and breaks down. He tries to be honest with everyone, but people fool him. Surya says people uses his innocence to fool him. Chandra asks how to find fraud people. Surya says with experience. He should learn from his mistakes and not to repeat. Mansi left everything behind her, and married him thinking he will take care of her, when he get defeated, she gets angry. Family is more important. He asks to listen Mansi as she has lot of belief on him and not to spoil her trust.

Pushupa calls Surya and questions if he knows about any snake temple, but her call geta disconnect. She finds her sim doesn’t have any credit so she goes to recharge. Anu stops her and says she found out where the temple is.

The episode ends.