Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 28th December 2020 Written Update: Mansi asks for Surya’s secret room’s key

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 28th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu smiling looking at the Jasmine flower that Surya brought. She remembers she is telling to Surya that she will be waiting for the jasmine flower to bloom and for him to confess his feelings to her. She then recalls Surya telling to day is a very important day for him. She happily smiles. Anu then takes out the embroidered T-shirt she has made for Surya. She caresses the Surya name embroidered on it. Suddenly she starts having some flashes. She starts walking absent-mindedly. FM asks her where she’s going to which she says to her house and continues walking.

Pusha and Subu are in the reception. They are trying to call Poorni. FM tells them he saw Anu walking out of the hospital. Subu tells he must have seen someone else. Anu is still unconscious. FM assures he saw Anu and the latter told she’s going home. Subu and Pushba goes to check. They find Anu’s phone and handbag there. Pushba asks why Anu left without taking her belongings and informing to them. Subu says Anu is fine that’s why she was capable to go home without anyone’s help. Pushba worries about Anu. Subu says Anu doesn’t know that they have come to the hospital so she must have left for home. Doctor comes there. He informs Pushba and Subu Anu is absolutely fine. Subu asks about the hospital bills. He says Surya Prakash company will bear the hospital bills.

At Surya’s house, all are gathered to celebrate Mansi and Chandra’s wedding anniversary. Meera tells they’re going to recreate Mansi, Chandra’s engagement memories. Sharda thinks in mind in the past she did not seen happiness in Surya’s face. Something or someone is the reason for his happiness and she likes this change in him. Other hand Anu keeps walking on the road. Chandra proposes Mansi, then they exchange ring. Surya remembers Anu giving him red rose and confessing her love for him. Sharda finds Surya upset and asks him what happened. Surya says he’s fine. Sharda further tells he has to get married by next year. Then she asks about the special friend that he had invited to the party. Surya says that person couldn’t come.

Anu keeps walking on the road. otherside Swamyadi asks Anu to go towards the surprise that’s waiting. She further tells the wave must go in the search of the shore as that’s the destiny. At Surya’s house, Mansi and Chandra exchange garlands. Sharda says she is going to make an important announcement. Sharda says Surya will get married by the next year. She shows the diamond necklace that Surya bought. She tells she’s going to gift this necklace to Surya’s wife. Chandra gets upset while Mansi doesn’t seem happy. Surya says today is Chanra’s wedding, they will discuss about it later. Mansi agrees with him.

She asks where’s his gift for their wedding anniversary. Surya says he will give them anything they want. Mansi asks him if he really will give anything she wants. Surya agrees. Mansi asks for the key of the secret room. Everyone gets shocked. Sharda shouts at Mansi. Sharda says she should understand everyone has some privacy. Mansi says she thought there will no any secrecy between them as they’re living in a same house. She then asks if the girl who will marry Surya has the right to go that room or not. Sharda angrily asks her to stop. Mansi asks what’s there inside that room. Anu reaches Surya’s house.

The episode ends.