Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham and Suryavamsam Mahasagam 28th January 2021 Written Update: Annammal praises Anu

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 28th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Lila showing their family photo to Anu. Lila presents her family members one by one to Anu. She asks Anu to be careful with Narayanan. Anu recalls that in the family photo hanged in the hall one woman’s face is blackened and wonders why and who to ask about it. Narayanan sees Anu and wonders who she’s. He asks Anu who she’s. Anu pretends to get excited on seeing him. She praises him. Narayanan gets overjoyed and tells he will be there for her when she needs any help.

At Chennai, Pushba and Subu are having dinner. The both miss Anu. Pushba cries saying we understand one’s worth when that persons goes away. She asks Subu not to go away leaving her. Subu consoles her. Just then Meera comes there. Pushba asks if everything is alright, if Anu is fine. Meera tells she’s surprised that they’re very cool after sending Anu to Vellore. She then the project that Anu is working on isn’t an easy project, especially the Suryavamsam family isn’t an easy one. Anu doesn’t know anything that happened with her and Chandra when they went to Vellore. It’s a miracle that they came back alive. She then adds Anu went to Vellore challenging that she will complete this project.

Anu texts Surya good night and i miss you. Surya phones Anu. The latter comes out of the room to talk. They’re having a conversation. Meera tells Anu’s parents that she just want to alert them about Vellore and the people there. Anu went to buy a land but the landowner doesn’t want to sell that land. Anu is staying in that landowner Annammal’s house. Meera takes her leave. Pushba tells Subu she’s worried about Anu. She asks Subu to phone Anu and ask her to come back immediately. Subu phones Anu but her number is busy. Pushba starts worrying more. Surya and Anu keeps talking till early morning.

Anu and Sam are making rangoli. Saradha praises Anu’s rangoli. Annammal watches them from upstairs. Anu tells her mom taught her to do Rangoli. Sam asks who teached her mom. Anu tells her grandmother. Suddenly becomes sad. Anu asks her what happened. Sam says nothing. Anu asks Sam if he knows anything about the person’s face blackened in the family photo. Sam gets emotional. She says she will tell another day. Sam asks her to teach rangoli. Anu asks to get Surya’s permission. Sam tells she doesn’t want to learn rangoli by getting his permission and leaves.

Pankaj tells Surya Anu went to Vellore and what’s the need to talk with her till early morning. Surya tells he’s going to fly and calls Meera to his cabin. He tells he’s going to travel for 10 days. Meera tells he has lof of appointments and meetings this month. Surya asks them to handle. He tells this is not the first time he travels. Meera tells that trips are preplanned and now he’s making surprise trips. She asks if she can know where he’s going. Surya tells to Switzerland and it’s purely personal. Surya strictly tells he doesn’t want any security with him. He asks Meera to book the ticket.

Anu finds dust on the portrait of Annammal ‘s husband. Anu cleans it. The family gathers there. Annamal scolds the other family members for not noticing the dust. Just then a courier boy delivers a parcel. Anu apologizes to Annammal for ordering this without her permission. Anu takes out a cardamon garland and puts it on the portrait. Annammal gets impressed with Anu and praises her. Sam thinks she doesn’t know anything about all this. Anu won Annammal’s heart in just one day while she has been staying here since many days. Anu gets Annammal’s blessings. She asks if she can also call her Annammal. The latter agrees.

Anu texts Surya. The latter texts her that he’s going for a trip. Sam comes to Anu and tells she doesn’t know anything about Tamil culture. Anu tells she will teach her everything about Tamil tradition. Anu gets ready to start working on the documentary film. Surya and Sam argue who will accompany Anu. Surya accepts his defeat and asks Sam to go with Anu. The latter makes Surya fall. Sam gets concerned. Sam hides her concern and walks away. Surya asks Anu to tell before doing anything. Anu agrees. Anu tells Sam that they can take Surya with them as they both don’t know anything about Vellore. Sam tells we have Narayanan to guide us. Narayanan comes there and starts praising himself. Anu, Sam and Narayanan reach Annammal’s family land. Anu starts clicking photos.

The episode ends.