Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 29th November 2020 Written Update: Pushba and Subu discuss Anu’s marriage

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 29th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ragupathi indirectly taunting Neel. The latter gets angry hearing the same. Neel asks Ragupathi to say directly whatever he wants to say. Ragupati starts badmouthing Anu. He says he even has proof for that. Neel angrily stops him. He warns him not to utter one more word against Anu. Subu sees everything hiding.

Subu and Pushba are discussing about get married Anu at the earliest. Anu is smiling watching kolamavu kokila movie on TV. Subu says he wishes to see Anu always smiling.

At Surya’s house, everyone is gathered in hall after the dinner. They having betal leaf. Sharda says she’s happy that Pankaj had dinner with them. It’s been longtime that they all had meal together. Surya says because of Pankaj he could have dinner with her. Pankaj teases Surya saying he had to put lot of efforts to convince Surya to cancel the important meeting that Surya had. Sharda asks Surya to think about his family too.

When Chandra asks Mansi to give him betel leaf, Mansi makes faces saying she doesn’t like the mouth color turning red to which Sharda says that red color shows the love the husband has on his wife. Hearing Shardha, Surya recalls Anu and he secretly checks if hid tongue has turned red. Pankaj notices the same and gives an unbelievable expression. Surya asks to fix tomorrow meeting time. Sharda asks him to not speak about office matter, when he’s at home.

At Anu’s house, Subu is chewing betel leaf singing a song. Pushba asks him to stop as Anu is studying. He starts talking about the beginning period of their marriage life. He says he’s 9 years elder than Pushba yet they managed to have an happy married life by adjusting with each other, but he wants to get married Anu to a boy of her age group so that they will have the better understanding of life. Anu gets annoyed with their talk.

At Surya’s house, Chandra’s mouth starts having burning sensation as Mansi put lot of lime in betel so that his mouth will turn red. Sharda says they are behaving like kids that’s why the marriage should happen between two people with a big age gap. Mansi doesn’t agree with Sharda. She says her thinking is older.

Nowadays no girl prefers this thought. She says she would have rejected Chandra if he had been 3 years elder than her. Surya looks on thinking. Pankaj says she’s acting mature but some prefers to get married inspite of having 10, 15 years age differences. Sharda says with time people’s thinking is also changing. Pankaj says so that one should question himself about the society’s before act. He asks Surya if he’s right.

The episode ends.