Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 29th October 2020 Written Update: Anu refuses to accept Surya’s gift

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 29th October 2020 Written Update on

Ragupathi phones Subu and informs about Pushba being arrested for protesting in front of the corporation office.

At Surya’s office, the latter calls Anu to his cabin. Surya advises Anu. He tells she should always respect her parents and listen to what they have to say. Parents always want their children to do well in their life and her father’s decision was right. She should understand him. Anu agrees with Surya. She tells at the beginning she was disappointed but later on she understood her father’s decision. Surya says she’s very understanding and this is what he likes about her.

Surya gifts Anu a necklace set with earrings. Anu refuses to accept his gift saying her parents will question her about the gift and she won’t be able to answer them. When Surya asks Anu when she will accept his gift, the latter says he has to decide that. Surya says to Anu she has to assist Chandra when he leaves to London. Anu nods yes and asks Surya to take care of his health and tells she’s going to miss him. They both stare each other.

At the police station, Pushba keeps telling they have arrested her for a wrong reason. She has only asked for garbages to be cleaned. The inspector gets irritated with Pushba and asks her to be quiet. Satish(the area manager) comes to meet the inspector. The latter shows Neel’s picture to him and asks if he’s the same person who has filmed his video in office. Satish nods yes.

At Surya’s office, Anu’s colleagues consoles Anu saying she’s young and she can get many more opportunities like this. Anu tells she was disappointed but Surya’s words consoled her. Swapna asks what he has said. Anu says he has said he’s proud of the respect that she has for her father. She says she’s going to give first priority to her studies.

Pankaj and Meera discuss about Anu. Meera is happy that Anu isn’t going London. Pankaj says Anu knows nothing and asks how she will assist Chandra. He worries what Chandra and Anu are going to do to the office. Meera tells Anu is very smart.

Anu gets Subu’s call who informs her about Pushba being arrested. Anu leaves the office in hurry. Neel stops her and questions what happened, but she leaves without telling anything.

Subu goes to Police station and asks the inspector what wrong Pushba did. The inspector tells they arrested her for attacking a police officer and also for filming a government employee without his knowledge with a help of a boy. Pushba refuses the blames. The inspector asks Subu to shut his mouth and to sit in a corner.

Anu and Neel reach the police station. Pushba cries seeing Anu who consoles her. Neel tells to the inspector he’s a legal advisor and a law student and asks why they arrested Pushba. The inspector tells to Neel that he has made their work easy. Satish has given complaint on him(Neel) for filming a government employee during his duty time without his knowledge and for staining his reputation by making the video viral. The inspector says he’s under arrest and asks the constable to put Neel inside the cell which shocks Neel, Anu and her parents.

The episode ends.