Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 30th November 2020 Written Update: Sharda’s description of marriage impresses Surya

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 30th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sharda says marraiges are destined by God and everything else doesn’t matter. She says he saw many couple who married in big age differences, but had an happy married life. She says there’s no connection between age and love. Sharda asks Surya’s opinion. The latter says everyone has their own thinking.

Mansi disagrees with Sharda’s thought while Chandra agrees with Sharda. The servant says in her village a couple has 20 years age gap yet they live happily. Sharda says a marriage will be successful when the couple understands each other well. Surya thanks Sharda as his heart feels light after hearing her words. He goes to sleep.

Subu and Pushba are discussing about Ragupathi, how they lived peacefully when he wasn’t there in the colony. Subu says thankfully they didn’t get married Anu to Ragupati’s son Sambath. Pushba agrees with him. They also talk how Ragupathi scared Sambath by hitting him that he is now unable to make his own decisions.

Subu then says he will an handsome boy, who belongs to Anu’s age and will give the marriage invitation to Ragupati. Pushba says they must find a boy who’s very rich as she learned her lessons. The both keeps talking about Anu’s marriage which annoys Anu. The latter goes to the terrace.

Surya is in his room. He is sitting  looking at the jasmine plant that gifted by Anu. He remembers Sharda’s words. He says he will listen to what his heart says. Otherside Anu thinks about Surya while looking at the pen gifted by Surya. She talks to herself if he will confess his feelings once her exams are over.

She says she won’t ask him why he took so much time as she understands his dilemma. She then remembers her parents conversation regarding finding a boy who belongs to her age group. She thinks love is more important than age differences while looking at the pen.

The next day, Subu and Pushba are discussing. Just then Anu’s phone rings. Subu asks who is on the call. She says Surya sir. She goes out to talk with him. Surya says he has called to wish her. He asks if everything ok.

She says she prepared well for her exams. Subu says he wants to speak to Surya. Subu asks Surya how long the bodyguards will stay at their house. He says they are middle class and he thinks having bodyguards is too much for us. Surya asks Subu not to worry. They will be there for a short period of time and asks him to tell if there’s any problem.

 Subu thanks him for his help. He says he has to worry what others will think. Surya says he understands his situation. Surya wishes Anu all the best for her exam. He asks her to explain the situation to her family. Subu says to Pushba what Surya told him.

Surya is pampering the Jasmine plant. In kitchen Sharda is preparing food for Suary. A person arrives to Surya’s to deliver the calender of the year. Secrurity informs about the Same to Chandra who asks to take it.

The episode ends