Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 30th September 2020 Written Update: Mansi argues with Pushupa.

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 30th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shradha telling the priest that the deity called them to her temple so they came. Mansi asks the priest to start the puja. The priest asks her to wait since another family is waiting to do puja. Mansi refused to wait for someone else. The priest tells he will talk to Anu’s family.

Pushpa scolds Subu not to use phone inside the temple. She wonders where the priest went. The latter comes and asks Anu’s family to wait for 10 mins till he does another puja. Mansi asks rudely pushpa to get up and let her do the puja. Pushba refuses saying they came before her so they will do the puja first and asks Mansi to wait. The latter says she is the trustee of this temple and argues with Pushupa. Anu and Subu convince Pushba to let Mansi do the puja first and get up to leave. Shradha, who comes there stops Anu’s family and asks the priest to do Anu’s puja first since they came before them and in front of God all are equal. Mansi is not happy with Shradha’s decision. Anu’s family thanks Shradha. Pushba says everyone doesn’t have good heart like her and asks Mansi to learn from Shradha.

The priest does Anu’s family puja while Shradha and Mansi wait. The priest gave them saree and prasadam. Pushba asks Anu to take Shradha’s blessings and Anu does so. Pushba notices the saree that Surya family brought and is about to ask about it, but Mansi cuts her asking to leave the place. Shradha says to her servant that the girl(Anu) seems a good girl and she feels like she knows that girl since longtime and blesses her.

Pushba asks Subu if he recognized the saree on Shradha’s plate, it’s the same saree that they gifted to Surya. Subu says there are many sarees in the same design and color. They are rich, they would have bought one similar saree.

Surya comes to the temple. Swamiyadi is shown sitting in a meditation pose. Pushba questions the priest about the deity’s puja. The priest says this puja is for God Siva and Parvathi’s marriage. if an unmarried boy or girl do puja today, he or she will get married soon. Pushba asks the priest to do puja on Anu’s name. The priest does the puja and gives some fruits and a garland to Anu and blesses her to get married soon.

Surya comes inside the temple. Scene keeps on shifting between Surya, Anu, Swamiyadi and the deity.

The priest says to Snu’s family that they are blessed to be here and assist Pavathi Siva’s divine marraige and says Anu will get married soon. The priest asks to do puja with the garland he gave till Anu get married. He asks Pushba to pray that she will bring the couple after marriage. Pushba asks Anu to take the Priest blessings and Anu does so.

Anu’s family comes towards the entrance and stops there to pray. Otherside Surya also comes there and sees Anu. The latter doesn’t see him since she is praying closing her eyes. Surya looks on shocked and checkes the time in his watch. He recalls Anu telling him that they shouldn’t see or talk for the next 24 hours.

The episode ends.