Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 3rd October 2020 Written Update: Surya feels guilty

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 3rd October 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Anu entering the office. She spots Surya checking his mobile. She goes and stands near him. Surya also notices Anu’s. The latter looks at Surya hoping he will say something about the temple incident, but Surya goes without uttering a word.

All the employees are gathered in a place. Surya comes there and asks why they called him. Meera says to send off Anu. The latter also comes there. Meera takes Anu in the center and tells everyone including Surya is waiting for her. She sarcastically says Anu got a promotion so soon and congratulates her. She says she is proud that Anu, who didn’t even complete a basic degree, learned the work from her and now got a promotion.

Since the first day, she knows Anu won’t be here for a long time. She is very talented she learned everything so fast. Other employees also congratulate Anu. Pankaj asks Anu to speak a few words, as it’s her last day in the office. Anu thanks her colleagues who helped her in work. She says she is young and inexperienced and she felt fortunate to work with all of them. She learned a lot from this job. She thanks Surya wholeheartedly.

She says she was lacking the confidence to give a speech about him in her college function and was standing crying, but he motivated her to give a speech. Surya remembers that moment. Anu says she came so far with the aid of that motivation. In spite of her being inexperienced, Surya trusted her and gave her the job that she didn’t deserve. She understands she has a lot more to learn and thanks to Surya. She is not fully mentally prepared to go to Banglore, but she won’t miss the opportunity that Surya gave her.

She assures Surya she will work hard and will earn a good name. Meera gives a bouquet to Surya and asks to wish Anu good luck. Surya gets a call and tells Meera to give the bouquet. Meera gives Anu the bouquet and also a gift. She opens the gift and shows a handy clock.

Pushba tries Surya’s number, but her call gets cut. She worries if Surya is angry with Anu, so he is sending her to Banglore. Subu assures Anu never lies to them. Subu worries how Anu will mange alone in Bangalore. Pushba asks Subhu to take leave from his work.

Pankaj comes to Surya and asks to wish Anu before Anu leave. He further adds she lost in her challenge and goes to Banglore. Surya says he lost in the challenge. Pankaj says he doesn’t understand. Surya says he went to the temple so that his mom doesn’t feel sad. There Anu had came with her family.

Pankaj asks who told Anu about it. Surya says no one would have told her since he himself doesn’t know he will go to the temple. Pankaj tries to convince him that someone would have told her. Surya refuses to accept it. He says he believes Anu. She didn’t even come to the office to avoid meeting him.

He doesn’t think she would have come so far with her family. He says crying he had met her before 24 hours ends. He applied sandal paste in his full face and ran inside the temple in order to avoid meeting her. He cheated her inside the temple. He cries saying he lost in the challenge. Pankaj says if he accepts his defeat now, he has to face more defeats in his life. Anu is very young and there is no match between him and her.

Anu is going to Banglore, she will meet new people and will become successful in her carrier, with time she will forget him. Pankaj says he will be also busy in his business meetings and will forget Anu. He says he took the correct decision. Surya says he did wrong. He feels guilty of cheating Anu and cries.

Anu comes home holding the bouquet and crying. Ramya asks if she really goes to Banglore. She says she will be alone in Bangalore she will miss everything and especially Surya. Anu says crying Surya asked her to go to Banglore.

The episode ends.