Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 5th February 2021 Written Update: Surya saves Annammal from Narayanan’s goons

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 5th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Narayanan goons getting ready to attack Annammal. Narayanan informs them that Annammal has left to the temple and asks them to complete their work without any mistake. In the car, Annammal talks about her past, how she raised her kids as a single mother after her husband’s death and all. Saradha finds her different today and tells her the same.

At Chennai, Ragupathi checks Sambath’s phone. He listens to Anu’s audio message. He shares the message to his whatsapp number. He thinks that he will show the audio message to Subu and will insult him. He leaves. Sambath comes out. He deletes the audio message for everyone. Ragupathi calls Subu. When he tries to show the audio to Subu, he realizes it got deleted. Subu scolds him walks away. Ragupathi looks puzzled how the audio got deleted.

The goons are waiting for Annammal’s car. They notice a car coming on that way. They realize it’s not the car that Narayanan told, but Annammal is seen sitting inside the car. Surya is shown driving the car. A FB shows. Anu tells Surya that she doesn’t feel right that Annammal left to the temple alone.

Surya agrees with her. She worries for Annammal. Surya tells she will get a call now. Just then Saradha calls Anu. She tells their car broke down and no one is answering the call. She asks Anu to send a car and gives their location. Anu praises Surya. Surya tells he himself will go with the car. Anu asks him to be careful. FB ends.

Narayanan goons stop the car. Surya asks Annammal and Saradha not to get out of the car. The goons try to attack Surya. The latter fights them. The goons run away. Surya gets hold of tiger tooth from a goon’s chain. Annammal thanks Sundaram for saving their life. She asks him to drive the car to Sangili’s house. She then asks Saradha to call Shanmugam and tells him to come to Sangili’s house.

Everyone reaches Sangili’s house. Chandru and Shanmugam also come there. Chandru tries to attack Sangili, but Shanmugam holds him. Annammal tells Sangili that his gonns tried to kill her if that has happened, there would be a war in the village, thankfully Sundaram saved her. Sangili tells he hasn’t sent anyone goons. He also denies of hanging doll at their doorstep. Chandru and Shanmugam lose their cool and beat Sangili. Sundaram stop them. Annammal warns Sangili. They leave.

Everyone comes back home. Anu brings water for Surya and Annammal. Annammal tells after Sangili’s return their peace got runied. She’s worried what will happen next. She tells if Sundaram(Surya) hadn’t saved her, she wouldn’t have been alive. Suryavamsam is indebted to Sundaram. Surya tells he would save, if his mom was in danger. Surya shows the tiger nail that he got from one of goons chain. Pushba looks at Narayanan with suspicion.

Narayanan tells he has been wearing this chain since longtime. Surya tells they can find the attacker with this. Annammal asks Surya to keep it safe. Surya looks at Narayanan with suspicion. Narayanan thinks that he should ask the goons to go undercover before Sundaram reach them.

Ponnathal comes back home. She sees Sangili injured. She asks what happened, who did this. Sangili’s wife Ishwary tells about what happened. Ponnathal scolds Sangili. Sangili denies of sending goons to kill Annammal and swears on his deceased son. Ponnathal tells she believes him. Sangili gets emotional talking about the past events. Ponnathal angrily leaves to Annammal’s house to ask justice for Sangili.

Ponnathal calls out Annapoorni. She asks Saradha to shut up as she has no status to talk to her. She questions why they have beaten her father-in-law, if they have any evidence that her father-in-law sent the goons. Ponnathal accuses them of lying. She tells either this all a false story or Chandru would have sent the goons to kill Annapoorni. Annammal tells Chandru is Selva Ganapathy’s grandson and he can’t do anything like that. She further tells Ponnathal family is avenging her husband’s death. Ponnathal asks Annammal either to show evidence against her father-in-law or to apologize for trashing him. She will not leave her family untill she get an answer. Annammal angrily looks at Ponnathal.

The episode ends.