Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 5th May 2021 Written Update: Swami Aadis prediction about Surya’s life partner

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 5th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ragupathi taunting Subu with Anu. Ragupathi challenges Subu that if he can prove what he said about Anu is wrong. Subu silently goes inside. The colony residents says that Ragupathi has come to this colony few days before, but they all know Subu from longtime. Ragupathi says that he has proof to prove what he said is true. They ask to show the proof. Ragupathi takes out his phone and realizes it’s Sambath’s phone. He says that he will bring his phone and goes inside.

Meanwhile Sambath shows Ragupathi’s phone to Ramya and says that he exchanged his dad’s phone with his morning. They both trying to find lock patterns to unlock the phone. Ragupathi comes there and shouts at Sambath asking why he took his phone. Samabath pretends to get annoyed and complains that he had taken his phone. Ragupathi thinks that maybe he has wrongly taken Sambath’s phone. He gives Sambath’s phone back to him and takes his phone and leaves. Sambath and Ramya decide to get Ragupathi’s phone again later and find out about the video clip.

Surya and Anu are on the way in car. Surya asks Anu to calmly talk to her dad as there’s big age gap between them. Anu asks if he had hidden his feelings from her because of this age difference. Surya says yes. Anu says that she doesn’t care about age differences and what other think about it. Surya says that she can’t say like this to her parents. He advises her to think and talk while speaking about their matter to her parents. Anu agrees.

Surya stops the car on the roadside. They get down. Anu asks if they’re not going to the office. Surya asks where the lovers usually go. Anu says that she doesn’t know about it all. She further says that he must know as he has habit to travel. Surya jokes saying that he will go to eat pani poori, if his lover wants. Surya decides to ask Chandra and Mansi about where they can go for outing. Anu reminds him about their deal and says not to ask them. Surya agrees. They get into the car and drive off.

Pushba finds Subu lying on the bed without going to the work and questions him what happened, why he didn’t go to the shop. Subu shouts at her and leaves. Pushba worries what happened to Subu and prays to God for Subu.

Elsewhere Chandra tries to contact Surya, but his phone is non-recheable, so he calls to the office and learns that he’s not at the office. Chandra tells Mansi that Surya left home morning saying that he goes to the office, but now he’s not there. Mansi says that Surya is acting weird nowadays and doubts he may in love with someone. Chandra refuses to believe her. That Swmayadi comes there. Saradha, Chandra and Mansi come out. Saradha asks Swamyadi to come inside. Swamyadi announces that her daughter-in-law is coming to this house and she is bringing both good luck and problems with her. Swamyadi asks Sharda not to try to change God’s will. Swamyadi takes her leave. Mansi tells Chandra that he didn’t believe her, but Swamiyadi also said the same. She says that hereafter she’s going to trust the Swamiyadi words.

Surya takes Anu to her colony. Surya says that he will make a list of places they can go and then they will visit all the places one by one. Anu says ok. They share a smile.

The episode ends.