Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 7th April 2021 Written Update: Pankaj gets irritated when Anu questions him about Devanandhi sarees

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 7th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meera telling Surya that she fixed a lunch meeting with an important client and that client leaving for abroad the next day. Surya asks if she can reschedule the meeting for evening. Meera says that he has some other work in the evening. She says that she doesn’t know about his lunch plan with Anu else she wouldn’t have fixed his meeting and apologizes to him. Meera reminds Surya that for him work come before everything and moreover if the meeting gets canceled they will face loss. Surya decides to meet the client without any other way and he leaves. Meera tells Anu that Surya is someone who has habit to have lunch in high class hotels and she’s making him eat her low class food. Meera asks if she doesn’t feel any guilty for that.

Chandra and Mansi come home for lunch. Chandra tells Sharda that some 5000 Devanandhi sarees were produced in some particular pattern between 1999 and 2000, but all those sarees were disposed in one day and there’s no records about it. He asks Sharda if she knows what happened to all that stocks. Sharda gets nervous. She says that it could be possible that year Devanandhini sarees sale was high, so those sarees were given to the employees for free. She adds that she doesn’t remember what happened exactly and asks to talk to Surya. Chandra says that Anu has strong feelings that there’s some story behind it and she can never be wrong in such matter. Chandra remembers that Meera asked to Mansi to give account details and tells Mansi about the same. Mansi gets irked and asks why they have to submit their expenses details to that Meera. She furter says that the girl who will marry Surya should compulsorily know accounts so that they need not to give their accounts details to Meera and decides to talk to Surya about his marriage today itself.

Anu says that she doesn’t even know to lie properly and throws the bandage away. She thinks that Meera purposely spoiled the lunch. She wonders what to do now. She decides to visit the old factory of Devanandhini sarees. Anu goes to Pankaj and asks him to drop her at the old factory. Pankaj gets shocked. He asks Anu to ask Surya to take her there. Pankaj adds that he’s only dealing with Surya’s security and he doesn’t have anything to do to with Devanandhini fabrics. Anu stops Pankaj and asks about that sarees produced between 1999 to 2000. Pankaj gets irked. He angrily repeats that he doesn’t know anything about Devanandhi Fabrics and walks away.

Pankaj calls Surya and tells that the party, who encrached in the land asks for money. Surya asks Pankaj to settle the matter as soon as possible. Surya further says that land is already in court case and he doesn’t want any more trouble because of that land. Pankaj tells that Anu enquired him about that land. Surya says that he will talk to her and cuts the call.

At the office, Anu is working sitting in the storeroom. FM says all the staffs are left and asks if she’s not going home. Anu says that she will leave in a while. FM nods and leaves. Anu tries to contact Surya, but his phone is switched off. Just then Surya comes there. He says that he’s extremely tired today. Anu asks then why he has come to the office without taking rest. Surya says in business world one can rest only after death. Anu gets shocked and reprimands him for talking about death. Surya apologizes to her and cheers her up. He then enquires about her hand injury. Anu says that she didn’t get hurt. Surya holds her hand and says that her wound is deep. Anu looks at him confused. Surya ties his handkerchief around her fingers and says that she will have difficulty to eat. Anu nods yes. He further says that he didn’t eat yet. High class hotel foods aren’t as delicious as home food. They both share a smile.

The episode ends.