Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 7th June 2021 Written Update: Meera gets upset when Ramya unveils the truth

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 7th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Surya avoiding Meera on seeing Anu. Meera angrily leaves from there. Surya tells Anu that he’s elated since Pushba left and now they can spend more time together. Anu gets irritated. Anu begins to tell about the ball incident with Chandra, but her talk gets interrupted with the servant bringing tea for Surya.

Meera wants to continue the discussion with Surya, but the latter tells Meera to handle the project by herself since he will be busy in the next two days with his new project. He winks at Anu. Surya leaves. Meera stops Anu and shouts at her. She accuses Anu of deliberately disturbing her discussion with Surya. Any says that Meera is the one, who always interrupts her discussion with Surya. Meera reminds Anu that Surya has called all of them here on the pretext of the project to talk to her. Anu also knows this, yet she’s deliberately disturbing them. She scolds Anu. That time Ramya comes to call Anu as Surya is waiting for her in the garden. Anu scolds Ramya and asks her to tell the truth to Meera. Ramya confesses that she lied to Meera the other day and it’s a game they play in their college. Meera gets angry and scolds Ramya. The latter warns Meera to talk with respect to her else she will complain to Surya. She leaves taking Anu. Meera recalls Surya’s talks and cries realizing that she had a misunderstanding.

Gopi asks Pankaj if Mansi left for home. Pankaj scolds him. Gopi then asks about Ragupathi and learns that he also left. Pankaj warns Gopi to not reveal to Chandra and Mansi about Ragupathi and leaves. Ramya comes to Gopi. She talks sweetly with him. Gopi gets excited and asks what she wants. Ramya says that she knows that he is trying to find out the reason why Surya has called of them here. Gopi asks if she knows the reason. Ramya makes up a story to fool Gopi. She says that Surya invited all of them here, so that they all can understand each other and if in any case a couple fall in love, Surya will support them. Gopi gets overjoyed hearing this.

Ramya shares with Anu that she fooled Gopi and he would try to woo her from now on. Just then Gopi brings apple juice for Ramya. Gopi asks Ramya’s name. Gopi gets overjoyed learning her name is Ramya and leaves from there acting like a lover boy. Ramya and Anu burst out laughing. Gopi collides with Meera. The latter scolds him. Gopi says that he’s in love mood. He got to know the reason why Surya called of them here from Ramya and tells that Ramya is his girlfriend. Meera scolds him and tells that Ramya is fooling everyone with her lie and leaves from there. Gopi sees Ramya pouring the apple juice he gave her and realizes that Ramya deceived him. He gets disappointed and decides to go to Mansi.

The episode ends.