Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 8th June 2021 Written Update: Anu and Pankaj learn about Surendhar’s entire plan

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 8th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ramya reprimanding Anu for going outside in the late without listening to anyone. She reminds Anu that Pushba isn’t there and she needs to look after her. Anu says that Surya is there to take care of her. Ramya teases her saying to not go to meet Surya in the night time. Anu blushes. Ramya teases more. She asks Anu to sleep and lays on the bed. Anu recalls her moments with Surya. She texts him and falls asleep.

Pankaj is sitting in the garden. He checks the voice notes sent by Surya. In one voice note Surya tells that today is the third day and hope nothing wrong will happen to Anu. Pankaj sends a voice note stating that he will take care of everything. Surya then sends another voice note in which he says that being with Anu in the place where Devanandhini used to live brought his past memories back, so he’s going out for a while to empty his mind and asks Pankaj to take of everything until he comes back. A man brings tea for Pankaj. Anu comes to Panakaj and asks about Surya. Pankaj lies that Surya was tired, so went to sleep. He sends Anu back. Pankaj looks at the tea suspiciously.

The man who served tea for Pankaj sends a voice message to Surendhar saying that Anu will be killed by midnight and asks to transfer his money to his account as soon as possible as there’s some emergency. Pankaj catches that man and takes him to a room.

Pankaj enquires the man what the plan is. The man laughs and challenges Pankaj to save Anu if he can. Pankaj checks Anu’s room CCTV footage and sees her sleeping. Pankaj says that Anu is fine. The man says that she will not be fine after 2 mins. Pankaj shouts at that person asking him to tell what he has done. The man calmly starts a countdown. Pankaj rushes out of the room. The man finishes the countdown and says the operation is over smirking.

Pankaj comes to the room along with Anu shocking the man. Pankaj slaps the man and says that they have trapped him. Pankaj asks the man to tell the truth. The man narrates that her daughter isn’t well and he needed money for his daughter’s treatment. Muthu, who works here, is his relative. One day he got a call and the person intructed him to find any work here through Muthu. He has done as he told to him and started working here. He has done whatever was instructed to him by that person over phone calls, but he doesn’t know who that person is. The man says that the first day he tried to suffocate Anu with the pillow to scare her, the second day he put a plate full of lemons with blood over it. The third day he called Anu to the lawn using Surya’s voice. Today he poisoned Anu’s room automatic room freshener in order to kill. Anu gete worried as Ramya is sleeping in the room. Pankaj asks Anu to calm down. The man asks Pankaj how he got to know about his truth.

Pankaj reveals what happened. A FB shows. Anu and Surya are having a discussion. That time the same man brings tea for Surya. Any stops her talk on seeing him. She feels something is fishy with that man and asks Surya who he’s. Surya says that he must be a new worker. Anu says that her instinct is saying something is wrong and asks Surya to enquire about that man. Surya immediately phones Pankaj and orders him to do the same.

The episode ends.