Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 8th March 2021 Written Update: Sharda is delighted on meeting Anu

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 8th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Surya practicing how to introduce Anu to his mom standing in front of the mirror. Other hand Anu asks his mom if she can wear the saree that she got in auction for the meeting. Pushba asks her to wear chudidar like always. Pushba tells Subu that this Ashtami Anu hasn’t got any nightmares. Anu gets ready and leaves saying her office car is waiting outside.

Sharda comes to Surya and says that she saw him practicing something from far, but couldn’t hear him and teases him. Surya compliments her dressing sense. Sharda says that she’s glad to see him happy and they leave for office. They reach office. Meera welcomes Sharda by giving her a bouquet. All the staff wish Sharda on her birthday. Surya says that she’s coming back to the office after longtime on a special day.

Pankaj wishes Sharda happy birthday and welcomes her on behalf of the company and the staff. Surya teases Pankaj. Sharda correctly remembers FM’s name which makes him happy. Sharda says that she remembers each and everyone’s name, and adds that without them they can’t run this company successfully. The staff praise Surya. Sharda gets glad hearing this and says Surya and Chandra mange the office very well, so she doesn’t need to come often here.

Sharda meets the board members and has a talk with them. She says that she has come today because this meeting is about Devanandhi sarees and adds that Devanandhi sarees isn’t simply a brand but it’s a feeling for her. She has an emotional bonding with Devanandhi sarees and that’s the reason for its sucess. Surya also agrees with Sharda and says Devanandhi is an emotional relationship and that bonding is very important, so that he’s making Devanandhi sarees as a separate department and going to announce it today.

Sharda asks if it’s the suprise he talked about to which Surya says the real surprise is he has appointed a head which will represent all the qualities of Devanandhi sarees and says that introducing her to them is the agenda of this meeting. Sharda is eager to know who’s the head. Surya welcomes the chief of Devanandhi. Anu comes wearing a modern dress which shocks Surya. He gets furious. Sharda recognizes Anu. She goes to Anu to talk, but Surya asks her to take her sit.

Surya says that they have appointed as Devanandhi sarees head this madam. Anu looks shocked while Meera smirks. Sharda is glad. She says that Anu deserves to be Devanandhi sarees head and appreciates Surya’s selection. She further says that Anu is an unexpected gift for her birthday and thanks Surya for the same. She reveals to Surya that Anu is the same girl that she met at the temple, it was maybe destined that they should know each other identity in this office, and she expresses how much she’s happy to meet her. Anu thanks her. Sharda wishes Anu lot of success in her carrier. Surya leaves from there silently while Anu looks sad.

The episode ends.