Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 9th February 2021 Written Update: Anu catches Lila talking to someone

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 9th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pushba talking with Subu in phone call. Jayanthi and Raji comes to Pushba. They praise Anu and says Pushba has teached Anu good values. They talk regarding Anu’s marriage. They says they wish to make Anu the daughter-in-law of this house.

Pushba gets glad hearing this. As they’re conversing, Chandru comes there and takes him mom, Raji along saying he wants to talk with her about something important. Jayanthi asks Pushba’s opinion. Pushba says she has to ask Anu and Subu’s opinion. Jayanthi agrees. She assures Chandru is a good guy and he will take care of Anu. Raji also wanted to talk about it. She will talk to her later. She asks Pushba to discuss with Anu and Subu then give her descion.

Narayanan is wondering how to arrange the money. The goons phone him and blackmails him again. Santosh phones Lila. The latter looks around if anyone is there then picks the call. The have a friendly conversation. Anu comes out of the room. She notices Lila speaking over the phone. She asks whom she’s talking to. Lila lies with a friend. Anu nods ok walking away. Lila continues to talk with Santosh. She says boys can’t understand girl’s heart. Anu who comes back overhears Lila. The latter realizes her presence. She asks Anu to go and sleep. Anu asks if she’s not sleeping. Lila says she is speaking to a friend. Anu gets suspicious but leaves. Santosh asks who was that. Lila tells a guest. She further says Anu is spying on her, she doesn’t have any privacy in this house. He asks if the guest is that bad. Lila denies, she doesn’t know why she’s feeling strange today. She cuts the call saying she will talk tomorrow.

At Surya Prakash office, the investors are waiting for Meera. They gets annoyed as she arrives late. The investors asks where’s Surya Prakash, it has been 15 days that they have messenged him but haven’t got any reply. Meera tells Surya has gone for Switzerland for a personal tour. The investors are surprised hearing this. They ask for Anu as she’s Devanandhini sarees. Meera asks why Anu.

They say they are thinking of doing one more survey about Devanandhini sarees so they need her help. Meera tells Anu has also gone out of city. She went to Vellore for a project. The investors say there’s only 2 hours travel from Vellore to Chennai so she can come to attend a meeting. Meera calls Pankaj. Meera tells him about the investor’s demand. Pankaj tells Anu can’t come. They ask either to ask Anu to attend the meeting or ask Surya to talk to them. They leave.

Meera suggests to take this matter to Chandru. Pankaj says this is not a good idea, but Meera is adamant in her decision. She asks him to phone Chandra but he says he can’t and leaves. Jayanthi asks Saradha what Annammal’s doing, she wants to talk to her. Saradha suggests her to talk later as Annammal is resting after taking medecine. Raji comes there. The both talk about Anu and praise her. Pushba overhears them. Pushba asks them what they’re going to talk Annammal. Raji says they want to talk about Anu to Annammal. Pushba asks them to wait until she discuss with Subu and Anu. They agree.

Shankaran asks Jayanthi if she talked to Annammal about chandru and Anu’s marriage. Jayanthi says not yet Pushba asked to wait till she discuss with Subu and Anu. Shankaran advises her to mind her own business but she doesn’t listen to him. Other hand Raji tells Shanmugam that Jayanthi wants to get Anu married to her son, Surya.

Shanmugam asks what about Sam then. She suggests to get her marry to Chandru. Raji further says Jayanthi is determined to bring Anu as her daughter-in-law. Shanmugam says there must be some misunderstanding. Since the beginning, everyone wants to get Sam married to Surya and asks her not to create any problems. Raji scolds him and leaves.

Meera phones Chandra. Mansi attends the call. Meera asks to speak with Chandra about something important. Mansi taunts her. Chandra comes. He takes the phone and speaks to Meera. The latter explains him the situation and investors demand. She asks Chandra to speak to Anu and Surya regarding this matter.

Chandru says he’s coming to office and cuts call. Mansi asks Chandra what’s the matter and argues with him that everyone hiding office matters from her. Chandra says investors want Anu to attend the meeting. Mansi asks why Anu should, what Meera is doing. She further tells Vellore project is important for Anu, if Anu loses the project because of him or Meera, she will loses hus cool. She strictly says Anu shouldn’t come leaving the Vellore project and asks to do the necessary. Chandra calms her down.

At office, Chandra, Pankaj and Meera are discussing what to do. Meera suggests to speak to Surya. Chandra says he’s not picking anyone’s call. Meera suggests Pankaj to phone Surya. Chandra finds it a good idea and asks Pankaj to call Surya immediately. Pankaj agrees.

The episode ends.