Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 9th November 2020 Written Update: Neel visits Anu’s house

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 09th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu telling an anecdote about his dad. Chandra says her dad is intelligent. Anu says Vaastu may exist, but some frauds making money out of it. She talks about people residing on road side and asks do they have Vaastu. She further adds the earth keeps rotating and the Vaastu were invented by humans.

One should sit comfortably to focus on his work. She apologizes if she said something wrong and promises to prepare the report once again without any fault. Chandra agrees with Anu and asks the staff to get back to their work. He tells them to continue to work in their usual sitting position. Meera looks on unhappy.

Meera meets Neel who is going to give Anu’s phone to her. She says he’s doing his job correctly. She adds Anu has left to her home and asks he knows her home right. Neel nods and leaves.

Surya is infuriated that he can’t go out and any calls. He refuses to have food and says he’s feeling suffocated inside the house. Pankaj says he’s doing everything for his safety as he promised to Shrada that he will take care of him. Pankaj tries to persuade Surya to have fruis. He starts feeding him. Surya imagines Anu in the place of Pankaj. He starts eating fruit that Anu is feeding him. He starts to cough.

Anu gvies him water. She says if one coughs that means someone close to him is reminiscing him. Surya says then she must be thinking of him. Anu blushes. Suddenly a guard opens the door which brings back Surya to the reality. Pankaj feeds Surya, who looks upset. He then asks him to have fruits giving the bowl to him. Surya recalls Anu telling him ‘i miss you sir’ and says ‘misse you too’.

Subu is checking the previous month expenses of the house. When Anu’s phone, rings, Subu asks if she changed her mobile ringtone. Anu tells she has brought Neel’s phone by mistake and Neel has his phone. Pushba asks why she hasn’t returned Neel his phone. Anu says she searched for him, but couldn’t find him. She goes to study taking Neel’s phone along. Subu is worried. When Pushba questions him about the same, he says something is going wrong. In order to divert him, Pushba asks to taste the food made by her.

On the terrace Anu says sadly to Ramya that Surya didn’t even message her once since he has left to London and worries for him. Ramya tries to console her. She says Surya could have called her today and Neel could have attended the call. Anu worries in that case Surya must have got irritated. Just then Neel arrives there. Anu sees him and come downstairs along with Ramya.

Neel gives Anu’s phone to her and takes his phone back. He teases her if she has brought her phone intentionally so that he will come to her home. Anu denies. Neel says he’s just joking. He asks about Ramya. Anu says she’s her best friend and they share about everything. He teases again asking Ramya if Anu has told her everything about him. Anu asks Ramya to take Neel to her house, as she has to make a call.

Neel meets Anu’s parents, who get happy to see him. They regret that day in Police Neel got into trouble trying to help them. Neel says thankfully Surya saved all of them. Then Neel tell he has come to teach guitar to Subu. Pushba pulls Subu’s leg asking what he will do learning guitar at this age. Neel start the guitar class. Pushba keeps teasing Subu in between. The trio are having fun.

Anu is trying to call Surya’s number which is non-recheable. Otherside Surya is sitting upset, as he can’t make any calls. He goes to one guard and asks to give him his phone. The guard apologizes saying he doesn’t have phone.

The episode ends.